January 2, 2011

Proud to be a Pakistani-8th Jan Lahore

Saturday, January 8 · 6:30pm - 11:30pm

LocationAus-Pak International ,Model town ,Lahore

Awaz Events
'Proud to be a Pakistani'

I personally think we as Paki nationals should grow sensible enough to face our country’s problems and regain our nation’s pride. We should all learn to stand united through out no matter what happens. When ever I turn on my television set I hear people screaming, I see ...innocent dead bodies of women and children, people killing each other on slightest of excuse and natural catastrophes such as tsunami and earthquakes make it even worst. The recent floods in Pakistan have caused a great havoc in the country. Here is the recent flood situation in Pakistan which has caused huge losses to the country and its people. Hundreds dead, millions homeless. These millions of flood victims are counting on us.
I can bet on it that deep down inside you there’s this patriotic Pakistani ready to goodbye kiss his/her luxuries and save money to help reestablish our homeless countrymen.

So Awaz Events is taking a step forward and this is our first event of our long journey "Proud to be a Pakistani". It’s high time to realize our responsibilities to our country and our people. Join hands with Awaz events and support our noble cause!

Official lineup:
-Black Warrant
-Mohen Jo Daro
-Billy X
Surprise guest appearances.

Title sponsor:
Grooves| kitchen & wardrobe.
Café Hip-hop.

Media Partner:
FM 91
PMR (Pakistan Media Revolution)

Print media partner

NOTE: This event is a non-profit charity concert. Support us and be a helping hand with Awaz events and Aus-Pak International.

Tickets available at:

Hip Hop Cafe (Opposite to Xinhua Mall, Hussain Chowk)
Downtown Cafe (MM Alam Road, Gulberg)
Cafe Blue (MM Alam Road, Gulberg)
D-3 (H - Block, Defence)
Mud Stone Cafe (C - Block, Model Town)

For more information contact:

Waleed Sajjad: 0322-4735008
Ahmed Hassan: 0321-6666548


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