April 1, 2011


Saturday, May 7 · 7:00pm - 11:30pm
Karachi, Disclose only for RSVP


Dmax Pakistan Music Awards is a national award show that breaks all of the rules of conventionalism. Unlike the MTV Music awards or The Music Awards, Dmax Awards were created to acknowledge and honor the achievements and contributions of unsigned and independent artists across the Dmax. Every year there are incredible records released by indepen...dent labels and artists. Very rarely do the institutional accolades of the music industry reach or embrace independent music or the community of artists and fans who now represent 25% of all global music sales. Hence, the Dmax Music Awards Program was born to fill that void.
After 5 very successful years of event management, Dmax Events & Promotions and Sean Films Entertainment continues to make it their top priority to bring together music professionals, artists, DJ's, fans, media outlets and more to network, build relationships and celebrate the culture of independent Pakistani music. Dmax Music Awards combines the elements of an award show, a music conference, an informational seminar, and an entertainment showcase into one lively event.

Over the period of time Pakistan has produced a lot of good singers and bands who became legends by the time. But still there are many talented singers & bands that remain undiscovered & Underground due to lack of financial resources & opportunities. There is hardly a thriving music scene or venues where new musicians can come and prove their worth.

On the other hand due to the current situation of Pakistan there is a lack of events and because of that our upcoming new talent is suffering as they don’t get chances to perform and show their talent to the world. Above all of that, these unfortunate circumstances and situations have created a wave of insecurity which has made upcoming new talented artists insecure on their way of occurring new releases. In these hopeless times Dmax Events have created a platform for these upcoming new talented artists to promote and support them.

Dmax Events & Promotions and Sean Films Entertainment is creating this platform with the aim to appreciate and recognize the excellent work commenced by any Music band, singer and musician anywhere in Pakistan. Our mission is to support and promote Pakistan’s growing music industry and bringing forth their achievements, while inspiring others to raise their standards of excellence. Our aim is not only to set a high quality standard music for our region but also promote our talent on the world stage.

Dmax Events & Promotions and Sean Films Entertainment will accumulate and appreciate the work of such high value people by bestowing prestigious awards for their excellent work done in music. It is and will be instituted to encourage the prestigious awards ceremonies in Pakistan every year to encourage, support and promote our new talent.
This is an independent effort made by Dmax Events & Promotions and Sean Films Entertainment to promote and support our talent and we hope for your co-operation and support in making this a success. Apart from bands and singers, people are most welcome to join us and help us to make this event successful. We welcome new ideas and suggestions that will help us to serve you better. So hereby our whole team Thanks you for listening to our voice and I hope to see you in our award show.

1. Best Band of the year
2. Best Rapper of the year
3. Best DJ of the year
4. Best Female Singer of the year
5. Best Male Singer of the year

• Whether any band or singer gets nominated for final award show or not, they will get equal promotion everywhere.
• All the selections for nominated categories and final award show will be made by our leading musicians and singers and they will give you proper report of your music, what they liked and what they disliked.
• All the bands and singers will be interviewed before the show and their interview will be uploaded on our online channel.
• On the day of final award show, media celebrities, famous singers and bands will give you your award trophy.
• There will be whole media (TV channels, News Papers, Radio channels) on the day of final award show to cover your success.
• Apart from award trophy of your success you will get audio, video offers for your next songs.
• Winners will get free photo shoots.
• Apart from awards you will also get deals from leading music channels whom they will like, they can give you album deal as well.
• Winners will get exclusive promotion for 3 months on websites.
• Winning songs will be on air on radio and TV channels.
• Dmax Events & Promotions will promote all winners exclusively.
• Besides these there will be a lot of other gifts and surprises for the winners.

Terms & Conditions:
• Each band or artist must have at least one original recorded song. Video will be plus point.
• Specify your category in which you want to apply. You can choose more than one category.
• Bands from other than Pakistan, if nominated will have to bear the cost of their travel on the day of final award show. Dmax Events & Promotions will not accommodate anyone. It will not be necessary for the band to come with all members; one or two people can represent their band.
• All the prizes and gifts are divided in different categories and will be given equally to every winner, No winner can claim for everything accept what they have won.
• Each Artist has to pay 2000 RS for participation in award show. No submission will be processed without the 2000 RS non-refundable entry fee.
• No Submission will be processed without proper documentation.
• On completion of your demo CD/DVD, send it to Dmax Events & Promotions office or hand it over to any authorized member of Dmax Events & Promotions.

By accepting these terms & conditions, you are guaranteeing that:
1. Your music obeys all content laws (e.g. not abusive, defamatory, and does not violate any laws or statutes).
2. You give Dmax Events & Promotions and Sean Films Entertainment full permission to use your music on a non-exclusive/exclusive basis with no payment to you. You will retain full ownership of your recordings while granting us certain non-exclusive rights to use it online for your promotion.
3. Dmax Events & Promotions have the right to allow access to third parties to listen to your music via downloadable technologies.
4. Dmax Events & Promotions will not be held liable for any claims, demands, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities which you or your heirs may have in conjunction with your participation in this submission process.

Event Schedule:

The call for entries will start on 25th Feb 2011; contestants can submit their music after 25th April. In order to compete, contestants must see Terms & Conditions

The call for entries will close as of 25th April, 2011. A nominating committee appointed by the executive board will review the submissions. Once the committee has reviewed the submissions, they will choose no more than 5 artists per category for nomination. The nominees will be contacted and notified of their nomination. An artist can be nominated for more than one category.

• The Mark of Judges will be tabulated and the winners will be presented awards at the 1st Annual Music Music Awards ceremony.
• Each winner will receive an official Music Music Award trophy.
• There will be special guest judge’s performances, Celebrities Comments, and Media Participation. In addition, you can expect any surprising offer (photo shoot etc) from the media celebrities during the award show.
• Below are additional rules and regulations: --Each song must be an original recording. --Only a max of three songs can be submitted per artist/Band.
• No submission will be processed without the 2000 RS non-refundable entry fee.
• In order to preserve the integrity of this competition, friends and artists of the staff of Dmax Events & Promotions and Sean Films Entertainment are not eligible to participate.

Last date of registration 25th April, 2011


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