March 26, 2011

Restaurants partcipating in Earth Hour 2011 in Karachi

At 8.30 PM, 26 March 201

WWF-Pakistan for the for the first time has received such overwhelming response from the Hospitality Sector for Earth Hour 2011. Below is the list of Hotels, cafe and Restaurants partcipating in EH 2011 in Karachi. All the activities have been designed by the Restaurants and Hotels including, distribution of free deserts, sweets, saplings.etc.


1. BBQ Tonight

  • Switch off the main lights
  • Streamers and Banners of EH 2011
  • Screening of Earth Hour Promo
  • Candle Lighting

2. Butler’s Chocolate Café

  • Turn off lights outside including sign
  • Switch off lights at the counters
  • Free Milkshakes for customers present at the café during the hour

3. Café Aylanto

  • Switching off 90 percent of lights at both branches of Aylanto, Karachi and Lahore.
  • Giveaway plant seeds to customers during the hour

4. Café Flo

  • Turning off non-essential lights inside and outside including signage from 8:30-9:30
  • Will distribute Earth Hour bookmarks and flyers

5. Fuschia

  • Switching off 90 percent of lights at both branches of Aylanto, Karachi and Lahore.
  • Giveaway plant seeds to customers during the hour

6. Kamameshi

• Train the front and back staff regarding the event, so they can perform well during Earth Hour
• All the material provided by WWF related to event to be placed or displayed during the day earlier and the day of the E.H.
• All the flood and exterior light would be switched off during the hour.
• Main entrance neon sign would be switched off during E.H.
• All main reception lights and main restaurant lights would be minimised.
• From 8:45 hrs to 9:00 (for 15 min) we will switched off all the necessary and unnecessary lights and during that 15 min we will light the candles and candle lamps in entire restaurant, guest area and in the back area.
• We will also send an email shot for our regulars customers & guest and informing them about the event and E.H.
• Special section would be reserved in our quarterly news letter, which goes to our regular and corporate customers.
• Complimentary dessert would be served, who would be seating and step in during the E.H.

7. Le Grand

  • Staff will wear white t-shirts with the Earth Hour logo between 8:30-9:30pm
  • Give them complimentary drinks to all our customers
  • Reduce the electricity by switching off the extra lights

8. Mon Salwa outlets participating across Pakistan

  • Staff will distribute flyers and bookmarks to all customers at their outlets

9. N’eco’s

  • Hosting a candle light dinner
  • Give out selected complimentary desserts

10. Roasters at DHA Golf Club

11. Roasters at Zamzama and Arizona Grill Zamzama

  • Switch off all non essential lights and use candles on tables between 8:30-9:30pm
  • Dim key lighting at the restaurant

12. Subway

  • Switch off 80 percent of lights.
  • Switch off signage
  • Free drink with a 6 inch sandwich during the hour
  • If match is going well, will have match 1 television on other both TVs off
  • Switch off 60 percent Ac’s

13. T2F

  • Switch off lights inside and outside the premises, both in the café upstairs and in the main event hall.
  • Holding an open discussion for innovative ideas to combat climate change

14. Patio



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