May 30, 2011


Thursday at 8:00pm - June 3 at 2:00am

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DATE :2ND JUNE ,2011





ON DOOR :Bd.25





VIP TABLE - Minimum Spend BD 200-350 (6 PAX)

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FOR INFO AND TICKETS CALL : 33 65 25 35 / 36369333

IMRAN KHAN - Performing live your very own favorite tracks Bounce Billo, Amplifier, Ni Nachle, Pata chal gaya, Bewafa

“Waar een wil is.. is een weg!” This Dutch saying applies to Imran Khan,
a young talented singer from Holland who born and bred in a city called The Hague.
It means that whoever wants something really bad, can achieve it, as long as he goes for it.

Imran’s strive for a break-through, can be seen in both his creativity and his looks.
His unique voice shows resemblance with his smooth looks. Both aspects represent his tough and perseverance mentality. Far away from his regular habits and musical dogmas, he improvises and writes enthusiastically.
Being a true tough fellow, he follows his own path, avoiding easy often-used roads. Not just to prove himself, but more to further develop his vocal talent independently and without barriers.

His perseverance is not that hard to understand. His special connection with music is stimulated ever since he was a little child.
His musical preference is Punjabi, R'n'B, HipHop, Reggae, Drum N Bass, Garage, 2 step, Reggeaton, Pop, Dance, Techno and House.
Nowadays a lot of new albums come on the market and a lot of artists try to break through. The latest technical tricks are used to purify voices,the weirdest tunes are made up just to be unique and lyrics are copied from old songs. In this era Imran was inspired to go for it.
He decided to begin his career as a singer. Why? Because he believed he could do better. Imran was inspired by good punjabi artists like Chan Chamkila Didar Sandhu, Mohammed Saddiq, and R&B Singers. Around this time I had a very hard time because of personal circumstances,but because of some of my contacts I was introduced to a record label in England and I kept busy. I saw potential and I flew over to England.
When I arrived, things didn’t seem to be managed that well, and there were a lot of things I had to sort out.
Some contacts didn’t live up to agreements and there were some financial faults. In short, I couldn’t do what I was supposed to do.
Everything was presented to me without asking for my creative input. I had the feeling that when I would bring out songs for this record label,that is wouldn’t be my style, lyrics or taste. So, I returned to the Netherlands rather quick. I tried this a couple of times
with different producers and record labels but every time I dealt with people who didn’t understand me or people who tried to use me.
In the meanwhile I wrote lyrics because I had lots of inspiration and the only way for me to express it is on paper.

I got creative and worked on the pc for a while. As a result I made a demo cd. In the meantime Imran reached the age of 20,an age on which a lot of youngsters are exposed to new experiences. His talent was that he can express his feelings in his lyrics.
Since this moment his lyrics were based upon self control, refinement and desire. The lyrics were meant to create a sense of reconsideration and modesty. The meeting with an old friend, Imran’s manager to be, taking him to Pakistan in the spring of 2004, meant a unique possibility to portray himself abroad. Yeah hmmm, one night I was surprised by a couple of friends who took one of my old friends, who lived in England,with them. This friend told me that he heard that I started a career as a singer. He appeared interested and asked me whether I could let him hear some of my work. He listened to my work and after that he asked whether that was really me.
I said : “Yes”, not expecting my friend to be willing to help me break through. He had a huge network and before I realised what was happening,I was on my way to Pakistan to make a Album there. I was introduced to a famous producer in Pakistan.
He had been producing a lot of albums for different artists in Bollywood and Pakistan. But, to make a long story short,I recorded a cd over there. The cd was in my opinion a little too traditional in order to be attractive to the youth. My manager and I then decided to produce this cd again in England. Once arrived in England, the average producer did not know how to handle my personal wishes.
I love to play with the desires of my audience. That’s why I always asked for the opinions of other youngsters.
This gave me the ultimate proof that my future audience got their form of improvisation. With this in my mind we decided to let it rest for some time,hoping for better days. After this I got back to the Netherlands again. These adversities within the music industry had a crucial meaning for his further musical development. Because of them, Imran started to improvise and a new creative element arose. Imran Khan did not give up.
His ambition was to, one day, work with big international artists and producers. Nothing could hold him back. In the Netherlands my dream producer actually seemed to live around the corner. I met Eren E, a very talented Turkish producer. I introduced him to my work and he introduced me to his work.There was a connection and we started working together.

The result of this collaboration I still find astonishing.
This is Imran’s story, a young man who started a long journey and never gave up. Besides being a good singer,Imran is also an extrovert, social and good-hearted human being.

In 2010, Imran Khan was nominated for four awards in the UK Asian Music Awards (AMA), Best Album for Unforgettable, Best Desi Act, Best Male Act and Best Video for "Amplifier", and ended up winning Best Desi Act.He is cool Khan also received the "best male artist" award from the Anokhi Magazine.


Asha J singer/songwriter/performer/model actress/Ambassador For World Peace was born and brought up in the UK. She is taking the music/model/film world by suprise with her sultrus sexy Bollywood diverse looks and multi talented skills in singing in three languages Hindi,Punjabi and English.She has already attracted mainstream Ripper productions who had a hand on remixing her song Diwana official remixers for Lady gaga,Beyonce,Britney and many more.Her diverse looks has emabarked her into world of modelling recently.She was headline perfomer and brand Ambassador for the ‘Icc Cricket Global Media Launch’ for co partners and Sponsers ‘MoneyGram and last year perfomed for the the Olympics countdown Festival on 24th July at the Excel London as only asian performing female fusion artist and Bollywood celebrity.Most Recent event on 23rd April 2011 took her to perform for the ‘Mittal Family’ at Kensington Palace London multi Billonaire steel tycoon selected amongst many top artist.

The last two years has been performing at events,melas and community projects and has also been supporting vocalist for the group ‘Stereo Nation’(Taz),who took Asha J under their wings giving her platform to International fame. Her first shows were in Amsterdam - Holland, Dublin – Ireland, Oslo Norway which attracted an audience of over 90 thousand people! And the throughout the year travelling worldwide; one show hitting the biggest music awards ceremony In Pakistan PTV Music Awards and Canada a 30 hour non-stop Guinness book of records event.

Future plans

The ongoing promotion and shows for the Album ‘Diwana’ released December 2009 continues a 13 track cross over album in three languages attracting mainstream networks.After recently being recognised for her multi talented package by the Usa they are now looking to sign a managemenet and record deal with Asha J in 2011.She also hopes to embark into the film world after many offers over the last few months.

‘Asha for peace’ project

Asha J supports worldwide charities and has a strong passion working with her self formed world peace charity project ‘Asha For Peace’ translated ‘Hope For Peace’ also a song from the album contributions from sales the single are going to her chosen charities She has recently been appointed Ambassador for world Peace by ‘World Mission Organization’ for the ‘Beauty Speaks For Peace Project’ in recognition for her charity work and music profiles, and will become the face of peace Internationally at all official worldwide events.
She also continues to support worldwide causes and will become the Ambassador for many more.Decemeber will see Asha J In Pakistan supporting and representing at the International Youth Festival with one hour live peace speech followed by performances on the night.


Stash started his journey in dj’ing in the year 1996… as music has always been a passion in his life he decided to pursue it as a career... has specialized in Bollywood, Hip hop & R&B.. He has performed across the world in the best night clubs, commercial gigs n corporate events... Burning up dance floors to set up trendz with his own style of mixing UK Bhangra, hip hop n majorly Bollywood , In no time STASH proved himself n gained popularity in the party circuit..He played at one of the top clubs in Dubai named BOMBAY FUNK n CLUB DESI which was covered LIVE by DUBAI fm and B4U music channel... Then he moved to DOHA (QATAR) where he's known as one of the top urban dj’s n the first one to introduce the most happening "Bollywood Nites" in Qatar... Also one of the dj’s who plays all genre's of music on TURNTABLES…

He started his production n recently gained more popularity with his Bollywood remixes which are played by most of the dj’s and is featured on top fm stations worldwide including Dubai, Canada and Doha to name a few..

DJ Stash bring more than two decades of industry experience to spread the vibe of bollywood music globally.

The lethal mix of bollywood,house,hip hop & Bhangra has caught the attention of the music lovers a like & catapulted them into the big league.

MUSIC STYLE:- Tech house, Electro house, Dream house, Deep house, Latin house, Club house, Funky house, Progressive house, Ambient house, Chicago house, Dark house, Ghetto house, Hip house, Microhouse, Tribal house, UK hard house, Vocal house, Bollywood, RnB, Hip-hop,Drum n bass etc..... :)

He have rocked radio stations all over the world with their remixes..

Don't make the mistake of underestimating this male DJ who has dominated the club and music industry scene. While smart and genuine as can be (a rare personality trait in the music industry), but RAW with pure mixing talent, DJ Stash has proven over the year, that any crowd can and does love his style.

Bollywood,House and commercial music, the need to add more sounds of new HOUSE,Bollywood to her already proven reputation, only enhanced his abilities to continue her reputation as a Best DJ, of course not to be taken lightly by anyone. His DOUBLE TADKA of incorporating not one style but different style of House,Bollywood n Commercial that blends well, only ceases to amaze people of his mental ability required to be a true DJ with the art form of skilled mixing.


People who are born to play to a crowd, to heighten the senses and inspire reaction and emotion in both clubbers and their peers. People that create a palpable sense of anticipation when they take to the decks because the crowd know they are in for a ride. They drop you off, pull you back up and throw your senses to all points of the emotional compass. DJ DOUBLE B is one of them.

As DJ DOUBLE B is beginning to carve quite a name for himself following high profile sets at the likes of clubs in swiss.
DJ DOUBLE B sets are rooted in a love of HOUSE with the touch of warm Progressive technos and desi.

DJ DOUBLE B comments i am creating music that we feel and love & hope everyone else feels it to. We are trying to be innovative and always forward thinking in our productions and more importantly in our live DJ shows.


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