May 15, 2011


Tomorrow at 10:00pm - Tuesday at 4:00am
Botanica Bar
47 East Houston Street
New York, NY


New York's hardest cooking mod night

Mondays 10PM – 4AM

47 East Houston Street

Spindletop – New York's premier mod night – is fast approaching its first anniversary. Over the past year, resident DJ Perry Lane and a series of specially invited top-notch guest DJs have offered the very best of sounds in the broad 'mod' tradition – soul, jazz, and R&B sides with that unique touch that defines the Spindletop point of view. The Spindletop credo is to never rest on one's laurels and make do with playing old standards; we always have new tricks and new perspectives in our bag.

At the next Spindletop, resident DJ Perry Lane continues the quest for new directions in mod sounds. A robust inflow of new acquisitions secures material for the exploration of new angles, new rhythms and new harmonies that tie in with and expand the universe of 'mod' sounds. The exploration also involves deepening through tapping into untapped pockets of established genres.

The venue for Spindletop – Botanica Bar – is a New York institution. It is the home of Mr Fine Wine's soul night, which has kept going every Wednesday since 1996. With Spindletop added, it is the only New York venue that sports two weekly 'retro' nights in the soul-jazz-R&B area.

Botanica is also unique as an pocket of resistance against the gentrification that's slowly but surely sucking the soul out of the East Village, Soho, and the Lower East Side. Drinks at Botanica are not only reasonably priced but also very good. The bar has a unique, friendly atmosphere that's hard to find elsewhere in the city.

As Spindletop continues, make sure to stop by to enjoy the great music and atmosphere. We will continue to offer the very best of 'mod' sounds, engaging the very finest DJs that can be found in the New York area. Please refer to below links for keeping up-to-date with what's new at Spindletop.

See you there!


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