June 27, 2011

Electronic Music Production with Faisal Baig

Monday, July 4 at 5:00pm - July 30 at 8:00pm
Main Zamzama (adjacent to Dominos)

*****Electronic Music Production*****

Technology has changed the methods involved in music making. Virtual studio tools have empowered many a bedroom producers and DJ's to express their creativity and present their unique sound to the world.
The MAD SCHOOL Electronic Music Production course is a complete program that dives deep into the technologies used by todays music producers and DJ's to create dance floor destroying tracks and hits.
Starting from a basic introduction to Digital Audio recording, participants will learn how to create beats, sample sounds, synthesize sounds and arrange an original track in a variety of popular modern genres including House, Techno, Trance and HipHop.
This course takes you from basic track composition to final mix and delivery with hands on access to cutting edge music technology tools and instruments. Taught at the Forward Media Recording Studio, this 8 week course is a fun and creative way to beat the heat!

Learning Outcomes:

* Home Studio Setup: Participants will learn how to set up their home PC's for professional recording results.
* Critical Listening : Analysis of different genres and recognition of tracks and sounds.
* Desktop Music Production: Basic to intermediate level music production skills, including MIDI sequencing, beat creation, Sampling and Synthesis.
* The Art of a Track: Arrangement and Composition techniques for various dance music genres.
* Audio Engineering: Audio Editing, Effects Processing and Mixing a track for final delivery.
* Original Track: Participants will create an original track of their own to share with the world.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to sound and Digital Audio Workstations.
Audio vs Midi
Critical Listening

2. Drum Programming and Beat creation
Elements of a Drum Kit
Step Sequencing
Building the groove
Sampling Drums

3. Bassline Theory
Creating Bass sounds on Synthesizers
Programming Basslines for various genres.
Locking the groove
Filters and Envelopes

4. Creating a Percussion Kit
Step Sequencing the Percussion Track
Creating Percussion Patterns using Effects

5. Chords and Melody
Creating Pads and Lead tones
Track Structure and Arrangement
Working with Vocals

6. Creating the Breakdown and Bridge
Sound design and sampling to create audio atmospheres
Sampling Sound Effects to create tension and drama

7. Signal Processing and use of Effects Plug-ins
Dynamics Processing and using Compression
Understanding Frequencies and Equalizers

8. Final Mix
Approaching the Mix
Organizing the session
Volume and Pan
Understanding Tracks and Aux Busses
Master Bus FX Chains

Instructor Profile:
Faisal Baig is Pakistan's top electronic music DJ and producer. He has performed all over Pakistan and gigged abroad, repeatedly destroying dance floors and leaving the crowds begging for more.
He is head of the audio department and partner at Forward Media and has also taught Sound and Audio at leading local Colleges.
Faisal's own productions have been released globally and found support from Dj's from San Francisco to Shanghai. He is currently working on his first full length album and continues to work with
top locala and international companies providing sound for films, jingles and TV shows.

This is a 4 week program consisting of 3 hour class twice a week
days: Tuesday and Friday
timings: 5;00 to 8:00 pm.
for details call:
0213 5869016
0336 235 0775
Official Exclusive Radio Partner : FM 91. Music is my lifeline


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