June 13, 2011

Islamabad Model United Nations 2011 7-10 July

Thursday, July 7 at 12:00pm - July 10 at 10:30pm
Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad

The IMUN Philosophy

True to the mission of the United Nations as declared in its 1945
charter, iMUN serves as a forum in which students from colleges and
universities around the world can meet to discuss the greatest
challenges facing the world today, in fields ranging from
international peace and security to economic and social progress and
human rights. In this spirit, the goal of iMUN is to begin a process
whereby constructive debate today can lead to solutions tomorrow. iMUN
strives to ensure that the committees we offer provide an educational
and comprehensive look at a diverse range of pressing issues. Our
directors work throughout the conference to make debate as realistic
as possible, so that our delegates get a sense of the complexities of
real-world international negotiation, and, as with the real United
Nations, place an unequalled emphasis on cooperation and compromise
rather than on the supremacy of any one country’s position. In this
way, delegates get a chance not only to learn about current
international affairs and to discover and represent one country’s
position, but also how to stick to that position while working with
hundreds of other delegates.

We bring to the conference nearly a decade of experience and a staff
that always exhibits the highest levels of enthusiasm and
professionalism both in committees and behind the scenes. For both
Model UN veterans and delegates new to the circuit, iMUN provides a
unique and rewarding experience.

Substantive Excellence
Our chairs work tirelessly to write the most well-informed,
up-to-date, comprehensive study guides and research materials
possible. We make it our responsibility to ensure that each delegate
is given a solid foundation of knowledge before the conference so that
he or she will have a rewarding intellectual experience in committee.
We place a high premium on professionalism and preparedness, and all
of our directors are dedicated to exceeding these expectations.

Dedication Behind the Scenes
While delegates interact mainly with the staff of their committees,
IMUN is made possible by the ongoing efforts of excellent host team
members, who work behind the scenes to handle conference logistics and
ensure that every delegate’s experience is as seamless, rewarding, and
enjoyable as possible.

Size and Diversity
IMUN will draw delegates from schools and colleges
across Pakistan and the globe. Our commitment to internationalism
breeds a cultural diversity that we consider one of our proudest
achievements, as each new perspective contributes to richer debate.


For more information or suggestions, please get in touch with us:

Bilal Shakir, Secretary General - +92 332 551 3919

Hamza Butt, Director General - +92 333 528 7875,

Ali Shaaban Shahid, Under Secretary General, +92 300 527 8000,

Muhammad Hisham Uddin, Director Registrations - +92 321 5303187,


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