July 20, 2011


Saturday at 10:00pm - July 24 at 4:30am
Mentioned only on invitations

We are about to make your dreams a reality. Ever wondered what a good party is like? We'll show you what a great party is like.

We'll have International Decorators and Artists from all over Lahore, our event theme will be a sort of a maze setup in the entire party area, each path will lead to a different direction, i.e. one might lead to the VIP area, the other might lead to the bar etc.

We will also be serving Cocktails like AK ...47s and Screwdrivers etc.

This party is for the top class party creme of Lahore which is why we'll make it a priority that they have been satisfied fully.
Black lights, white clothes, green paint, lots of rum and lots of fun.

The venue has everything from Inside clubs to outside lakes. This rave will be an unforgettable one.

* Last chance to have fun before the Holy month.

*Party all night
*Eat away your appetite
*Drink all your delights
*Taste all the sweets
*Have all the fun


Only couples/girls allowed, stags strictly prohibited.


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