August 13, 2011

Pakistan. An idea. A movement. A nation.

Dependence is a curse while independence is a blessing. It is a right of all of humanity and those gifted with it must use it well, for one day, they will be held accountable for its actions towards it.Pakistan, Jinnah's child, was born on the 14th of August, 1947, exactly sixty four years ago in the month of Ramadan. It lost its father, a man truly sincere to it and became an orphan, left at the mercy of the rest of the world, only when it was one years old. Since then, it has seen numerous leaders that were neither devoted towards it nor cared about its future. The poor child was looted, kicked, pushed, polluted, wronged and abused by almost all that followed.

This idea, that started out in the time of Sir Syed, became a movement in Allama Iqbal's time and finally led to a young nation being formed with the able, strong leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. His hardwork, his life, his child were treated inhumanly over the years but now it is time for us to put our foot down and save it before it is too late. We have taken our independence and this poor country for granted for very long. We are blessed with all the resources, minerals, beauty and weather an ideal country could possess. It is time we wake up, step up and work for the development and education of this child.
United we stand, divided we will fall. As defined by a dictionary, independence is the freedom from any support, aid, influence or control. Is this truly the kind of independence that we will be celebrating this year? The disappointment arises when we look at Jinnah's speech given on the initial independence day. We are still faced by the same crisis and problems that existed sixty four years ago. As Jinnah wisely said on the 11th of August, 1947:
"Dealing with our first function in this Assembly, I cannot make any well considered pronouncement at this moment, but I shall say a few things that occur to me. The first and foremost thing that I would like to emphasize is this: remember that you are now a sovereign legislative body and you have got all the powers. It, therefore, places on you the gravest responsibility as to how you should take your decisions. The first observation that I would like to make is this: You will no doubt agree with me that the first duty of a government is to maintain law and order, so that life, property and religious beliefs of its subjects are fully protected by the State.
The second thing that occurs to me is this: One of the biggest curses from which India is suffering - I do not say that other countries are free from it, but, I think our condition is much worse - is bribery and corruption. That is really a poison. We must put that down with an iron hand and I hope that you will take adequate measures as soon as it is possible for this Assembly to do so."We must understand what our true leader, Quaid-e-Azam, instructed us to do. It will not only lead to personal development but the growth of the country as a whole. So I ask this last question: Like the various birthdays you celebrate year round, what will be your gift to your country on its special day?

By Mahnoor Mohsin.

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