October 7, 2011

Karachi - The Musical 'Haar na Mano'

Opening Night 22nd October 2011 @Arts Council
Ticket Price 1500
Students 1200

Special Student Nights :

22nd and 30th October are Student Nights where you can get tickets for 1200. Look out : we might be coming to your school campus in the next few weeks. 

Karachi, The Musical is a product of Made For Stage productions founded in 2007

Directed Choreographed and co - Produced by Nida Butt
Music by Hamza Jafri
Co- Producer Waqas Bukhari

Sponsors : Mcdonalds
Media Partners : Radio 1 FM 91

About: Made For Stage is a company founded by passionate choreographer and dancer Nida Butt whose desire to revolutionize how dance and theatre is perceived in Pakistan led her to establish a company dedicated to producing high quality, elaborately choreographed musicals.

Company Overview: Possibly the most enigmatic amongst Pakistan’s theatre producers, Nida Butt brought to life Chicago and Mamma Mia, elaborately planned productions which played to full houses and standing ovations. Made For Stage is one of the first companies in Pakistan that has dared to produce musicals with live orchestras and extravagant production values.

Made for Stage’s first production was The Producers in 2006, a liaison between them and FLAME, an NGO.

Description: Made for Stage is a complete theatre production house which works as a one-stop shop for extravagant and dramatic musical theatre. Nida Butt has a team of talented writers, art directors, actors, dancers, performers, singers and musicians who come together every few months to produce theatre plays which set the bar for the rest of the country.

Mission: To create socially relevant and extremely entertaining theatre plays which are riveting to watch.

Products: Chicago- The Musical was Nida Butt’s second production and hit the stage in 2008. By 2011, Chicago had done repeated encores leading to a total of 40 shows.

Mamma Mia was Nida Butt’s third production. It hit the stage in 2009, and played in both Lahore and Karachi.


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