October 7, 2011

Tv Production Workshop With Equipments

Tomorrow at 12:00pm - Sunday at 6:00pm
Venue : Dadabhoy Institute Clifton campus


"A rare opportunity to learn from one of the most renowned industry pro Television"

PRODUCTION ON is the program where students are being trained for their successful prospect. 

It will be include Practical Training. 

Facilitators Are:
Mr.Mohammad Zackaryaa Mohiuddin
The Trainer Head of Communication & Content Synergy at Geo Television, Director Producer and 

Script Writer.

TECHOTAINMENT TEAM are organizing this event for Those students and Professionals, who want 

to do something in media feild.

Topics will be covered:

Outline of Training: 

Session # 1 Day # 1: 11am to 1:pm 

a: Understanding the broadcast system of Pakistan. 
b: AV signals : Analogue and Digital 
c: Broadcast Design 
d: Types of Productions in Pakistan. 
e: Concept, Script and AV board. 
f: Exercise on script writing. 

Lunch: 1pm to 2pm 

Session # 2: 2:pm to 6pm 

a: How do a camera works 
b: Understanding the frame 
c: Principles of framing: R3 and DOF 
d: Types of framing. Single, double and master 
e: Exercise on framing 
f: Physics of Lighting 
g: Philosophy of Lux 
h: 2, 3 and 4 point lighting 
i: Exercise on lighting 

Session #1 Day # 2: 11am to 1pm 

a: Basic Camera gauges 
b: The recording process 
c: Lens to tape 
d: Broadcast production: the CCD and the CMOS 
e: 101010101 transfer 
f: Speed and aperture controls 
g: White and Black Balancing a shot. 
h: Exercise 

Session #1 Day # 2: 2pm to 6pm 

a: Understanding the sound 
b: Digital and Analogue sound signals 
c: On and off line recording 
d: Audio recording in different types of productions. 
f: Transferring the data 
f: Manipulating the 1010101 
g: The Time line 
h: Basic editing on FCP 

Our Target market is:
Degree Level Students
Mid Career professionals

Students Rs. 1200
Professionals/corporate RS. 1500



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