November 4, 2011

Come again!?!

Thursday, November 17 at 8:00pm - December 1 at 9:30pm
Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi
A play by Dawar Mehmood.

Directed by: Dawar Mehmood & Shafqat Khan
Written by: Talal Ubaid
Choreography by: Wahab Shah
Produced By: Dawar Mehmood, Shafqat Khan, Imran Gulzar & Shahzad Qureshi
Art Director: Shafqat Khan
Social Media Manager: Talal Jilani
Production Manager: Mujtaba Ali

Online partner: TNBT

Tickets will be available from the 1st of November 2011.

What would a sensible guy do when in financial crisis? Simple... marry a rich dumb girl?
What would a useless man do when in financial crisis? Simple... stick to that sensible friend!
Such is the story of Ozzy and Zac, Ozzy being the sensible one and Zac the useless one. One night
a runaway bride hidding from her 'to be badmash husband' finds her way to Zac and Ozzy's appartment. Inorder
to save Ozzy's engagement and all the benefits attached to it these two have to hide the bride till she is able
to make it on herself!
"supported" by all the lunatics like Ozzy's mamo, an outrageous Aunt and her faggot nephew, a die hard ghalib inspired worker 
and lastly the runaway brides's psyco groom.
Will Ozzy and Zac be able to hide the bride and save their sponsored life? ;)

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