November 25, 2011

Farhan Saeed Butt Fame Or Shame??

Well as you all know Jal the band has split up.Goher Mumtaz and shazi are currently working on the 3rd album of Jal the band which is to be out in December,
  On The other hand Farhan saeed has already  released his debut song "khwahishon" which is too a great extent considered as having some elements of  Atif Aslam song "Kyun Chor Gya",Farhan Saeed is also working on his new song Pee jayon which he recently performed at a concert in India,According to the Indian News channel Aag tak "Lead vocalist of leading Pakistan Band Jal the Band performed in Delhi” which is incorrect as Farhan is x vocalist. Another shocking thing was that He performed Woh Lamhe in the concert which has been badly sung, Take a look at video below and judge it yourself. Is it really going to get him fame or Shame?

Farhan Saeed Performing Woh Lamhe

Alot of confusion is going among the people that it was Jal's Performance, which was created purposely to attract the attention of audience .Woh Lamhe is not Farhan song its Goher and Atifs song. why did he perform it?
On other hand here is a clip of Jal-the band performance live in Behrain,It does give a feeling that Goher has worked really hard and improved his vocals alot

Jal-The Band (Goher and Shazi) Performing Woh Lamhe

As per my observation without Jal Farhan is nothing, Even in his upcoming song he has done song with a female vocalist in-order to add charm in his song.
  It doesn't matter for us that its Jal or Farhan or Atif ,We as an audience want good songs, WE wish both of them best of luck. Fingers crossed for Jal The Band Upcoming Album, hope they produce some amazing music for the fans.

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