November 18, 2011

HyperStar Karachi

KARACHI : HyperStar  was launched on Monday 14th November. Previously Hyperstar has been  successfully operating in Lahore, Hyper star Karachi is situated at Dolmen Mall, Executive Tower, Clifton -HC3, Block 4 Marine Drive near Chase Up, Chase Up used to be the only wholesale store in Clifton are attracting many people but now I think most of its customers will be grabbed by HyperStar,Unless they bring in some attractive offers.

Hyperstar Karachi Map

  They hype was already created by placing billboards on Shar-e-faisal a week before the launch of Hyperstar.
   On Monday I received brochures of hyperstar on my doorstep, showcasing some attractive offers such as imported t-shirt for 200 Rs Buy one get one free,Costing per t-shirt 100 Rs,Yea that’s damn cheap,

Hyperstar Promotional Offers

Hyperstar Promotional Offers

Hyperstar Promotional Offers 

   Hyper star Karachi has two floor car parking for the customers so parking is not a problem as compared to makro.When you reach be sure not to grab the trolley from the parking area. As trolley will be available on the first floor right before the the entrance of Hyper Star Karachi.
   Air-conditioning is as cold as possible and you might even star freezing, When I reached there I was not expecting this much of customers, the place was already to much crowed,I don’t know exactly but HuperStar Karachi looks smaller if we compare it to Metro or Makro,Though the management seems way more professional,They have lot of promotions going on of which people seems taking advantage of,Vegitables and Fruits are sold below the market price but are of a superior quality.
  Another Plus Point here is that the crowd is mostly of D.H.A & Clifton thus the customers are much more organized and well mannered you do not need to face any difficulty with the people in ur surroundings. Likewise I used to go for shopping to Makro,Metro And at time Imtiaz Super Market and I used to face same problem almost every time, some cheap people staring at my sister. Yes that was disgusting.
 So over all I advice you guys to pay a vist and experience it yourself.If you want to add any thing do post it on the comment box below. Happy Shopping :D

Photo source HyperStar Facebook Page.

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