December 25, 2011

Imran Khan PTI Karachi Pakistan Jalsa 25 December Watch Online

Imran Khan PTI Karachi Pakistan Jalsa 25 December Watch Online

You ca watch the Live streaming of  Imran khan jalsa in Karachi by clicking on the play button above. Imran khan jalsa videos Videos will be uploaded after the Jalsa ends,Pakista Tahreek e Insaf Jalsa is to be held at  Mazar E Quaid  in karachi.

Imran Khan PTI Karachi Pakistan Jalsa 25 December Live Updates

Speech will start soon,It seems as if the crowd at Mazar-E-Quaid for Imran Khan Pti Jalsa is way more what it was at Lahore Jalsa.

National Anthem being played at  PTIJalsa

All the people present at #PTIJalsa silenced in respect while National Anthem was being played.

Update: Chairman Imran Khan is expected shortly in jalsa Gah. #PTIJalsa

Update : Traffic jam on Shahrah-e-Faisal. PTI officials requesting management to open all gates. #PTIJalsa

What a day, what a date, what a city, what a place, and what a jalsa. #PTIJalsa

Public are stading on feet from Numaish Chorangi to Tariq Road to attend #PTIJalsa
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Dil DIl #Pakistan being played at #PTIJalsa

Famous Singer Abrar Ul Haq reading naat at Pti Jalsa

People are pouring in just like tsunami at jinnah ground. #PTIJalsa
Update: Senior Vice President PTI Sindh Aslam Rajput addressing the audience at #PTIJalsa
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Aslam Rajput senior vice president Sindh addressing at #PTIJalsa

At #PTIJalsa, we are not Sindhi, Pashtun, Punjabi, Balochi, Saraiki, Urdu Speakers. We are all Pakistan

All provincial presidents on stage. #PTIJalsa

More than 200,000 expected to attend PTI rally Dawn News

Women wing Sindh #PTI, Begam Zara Appa addressing the crowd #PTIJalsa

This is not the time for sleep. Every Karachiite must attend this Tsunami #PTIjalsa

Claps of appreciation for Chacha Cricket #PTIJalsa

Greetings from President Labor wing Zubair Khan, while addressing the crowd #PTIJalsa

Over 250,000 People in attendance at #PTIJalsa, at Mazar-e-Quaid - Faisal Khan (Karachi, Pakistan)

Ek Tsunami Ek Tufaan! Imran Khan Imran Khan

Greetings to all those people who are present at #PTIJalsa. Please share your experience

PTI wlll destroy the corrupt leadership and make #Pakistan a truly Quaid-e-Azam's Pakistan. (Dr. Yasmeen Rashid) #PTIJalsa

Imran Khan just arrived at the Jalsa Gah. TSUNAMI has come #PTIJalsa

The sign of Peace, pigeons and balloons flown on the air

A warm welcome to Chairman Imran Khan shown by enthusiastic and energetic crowd. #PTIJalsa

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has entered the Stage at #PTIJalsa. Crowd very enthusiastic!

FATEHA prayers are being offered for the Great Leader Muhamad Ali Jinnah

Salman Ahmed Junoon Performs at PTI Jalsa Karachi

Over 200 motors bikes' caravan from Ghotki arriving the #PTIJalsa venue

Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri on the stage to address the crowd

Baloch famous song Danah Pe Danah Now Playing #PTIjalsa

PTI Balochistan President Qasim Khan Suri addresses the crowd at #PTIJalsa

Abrar-ul-Haq will speak to his fans and #PTIJalsa

Chairman Imran Khan is now coming to address #PTIJalsa

Chairman Imran Khan addressing crowd at #PTIJalsa

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Congratulates Karachi on #PT

Imran Khan Congratulates to Karachi People #PTIJalsa

Imran Khan Personally Welcome Zulfiqar Ali who Comes from D.G Khan by sell his Mobile Phone... #PTIJalsa

Imran Khan ask Nawaz Sharif: Ye match Jaldi Karaing ye na ho aap ko team hi na Milye.. #PTIJalsa

Imran Khan Announcing: Sardar Asif Ali called him to Join PTI #PTIJalsa

Ghareeb Admi Chori Karay to Jail main or bara Aadmi Chori Karay to Mulk ka Sadar Ban Jaye -Imran Khan #PTIJalsa

One day May Pakistan become a Nation where there is Humanity, where even our animals get Justice - Imran Khan, #PTIJalsa

Is mulk main aaj jo Halat hai us k bar aks Europe main janwaron k ziada haqooq hai - Imran Khan #PTIJalsa

Islam ki Buniyad Insaaniyat or Insaaf pe hai -Imran Khan #PTIJalsa

Chief Justice Sb.Tigers of Teherk-e-Insaf are with you -Imran Khan #PTIJalsa

Batwari Nizam Khatam karaingay or Nizaam ko Computerize karaingay - Imran Khan #PTIJalsa

Government will provide lawyers for poor peoples of Pakistan - Imran Khan #PTIJalsa

My Young People, My Sisters, where there is fear, I congratulate you. God Has given me Talent. - Imran Khan, #PTIJalsa

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