December 23, 2011

Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 [EVENT COVERAGE]

The much awaited 2nd Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 where held today 23rd December at Kohinoor Hall Regent Plaza Karachi. The awards were scheduled to start at 7:30 but due to the late arrival of guests, it kicked off at 8:00, 2nd Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 were organized by CIO Pakistan.
    2nd Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 showcased the theme of colors of Pakistan, The organizers were having Ajrak on the shoulders and the designing of back drop was having elements of Ajrak. At the beginning an amazing performance was done by the children dressed in a manner representing different cultures of Pakistan from all four provinces ‎1st came the kids dressed as Punjabi, after which  as Sindhi followed by Pukhtun and Blaochi,All of them danced on the songs on the regional language of the province they represented..
The saddest part about Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 was that almost 60% of the award winners were not present at the Bog awards, The people who attended bought laptops, tablets Pc’s and spent most of the time using them giving the blog awards  a dead feeling,
The event could be much better if the organizers could have requested people to stop using them,
Apart from this another annoying thing was that people were again and again asked to do clapping, Once our twice it is ok but after announcement of each award people were requested to clap. I observe a major issue many of the Blog winners were not actually bloggers, but web owners and I think the organizers of PBA are smart enough to know the difference between a website and a Blog.
Any ways here is the list of award winners
   At around 8:45 the award ceremony embark on,
Best political coverage Blog is AKC
Best Social Activist Blog My Best for change
Best Agents of Change Blog Winner: The Good News
Best youth Blog - My world
Best youth Blog - meri- invisioning future
Best Education Blog award: Lahore School of Economics
Best science Blog -Telecommunications & Electronics project
Best Medical Blog Winner: Medicalopedia
   Just after the end of the announcement for the first set of awards everyone was surprised to see the special Guest appearance by Imran Khan of PTI.Imran Khan said
“bloggers are playing an important role in "Khamosh Inqualab" and thanked all Bloggers

 He also presented a award to  Abid Beli for organizing “World Record for Most People Singing National Anthem” In the end Mr Imran Said “Karachi Mai Tsunami Ah Chuk Hai” Hoping to see you guys at 25th December Jalsa at Mazar-E-Quaid do come”After which he left,
    After which tea break was given Tea Break Included Tea and freshly baked cookies just after the tea Break second set of 2nd Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 were present by Badar Khushnood Google Pakistan Representative, Results Of Pakistan Blog Awards categories and winners are as follow
Best Social Activist Blog Winner: My Bit for Change
Best marketing blog- Pak media blog
Best Business Blog Winner: Life Etcetra
Best Sector Coverage Blog award goes to "Pak Soldiers
The best Fashion Blog award goes to Pink255
The best Infotainment Blog award goes to "Listphobia"
The best Music Blog award goes to "Easy Learn to Play Guitar"
Merit award for infotainment blog 3woogle
Best Culture Blog goes to Lahorenama
Best lietarture blog- Desi writers lounge
The best Travel Blog award goes to "I Explore Pakistan
The best Video Blog award goes to "24/7 Online TV"
The Best Food Blog award goes to "The Crazy Chef"
Best Sports Blog goes to "Khelo Pakistan"
Best Humor Blog goes to Sameedtehami
best technology blog international is : Tech Devil
Pakistan National Anthem took place during which many people did not trouble standing I wonder were they Pakistani or some other national.

After this every participant was giving a goodie bag, which Included and Tee-Shirt with 2nd Pakistan Blog Awards 2011 printed on it along with Dell Logo on both sleeves 4GB sony USB by Express Tribune,A Mug By,A puzzle  having all sponsors Djuice,Pc World,Intel,Google Dell and Nokia Logo on it.A Ball with PC World logo on it and and a gorgeous Ajarak Design Bookmark.
  And finally dinner was served as we all know how tasty is the food of regent plaza most of the people left without having dinner, those who did focused on sweet dishes including me,I did not even bothered looking at what’s in the dinner just went for Gulab Juman,Jelly and custard.
    Over all it was a good experience and I got to learn a lot from fellow bloggers,I will rather say Website owners. Lets hope next year it would be much more better. As it is said something is better as compared to having nothing.Here are the pictures of 2nd Pakistan Blog Awards 2011

Imran Khan at 2nd Pakistan Blog Awards 2011

Cultural Music Performers

Badar Khushnood at Pakistan Blog Awards 2011

Dinner at Pakistan Blog Awards 2011

Dinnar at Pakistan Blog Awards 2011

Announcing of results

Announcing of Pakistan Blog Awards Winners 

Cultural Music Performace

Tea Break at Pakistan Blog Awards

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