December 26, 2011

Western Lahore becomes more accessible,With Canal Bank Road expansion Project

From Dharampura to Thokar Niaz Baid, Canal Bank Road is getting a makeover by the Government of Punjab. This road links various important parts of the city and thus receives heavy load of traffic during the good part of the day. Since Lahore is stretching and many housing societies are located on the western outskirts of Lahore, Canal Bank Road needed widening to ensure a better flow of traffic.
The history of Canal Bank Road is rich and many of Lahoris remember its gigantic trees changing colours, shedding leaves in bitter cold of winters and creating a fresh breezy ambiance during scorching heat of summers. Most of the Lahoris associate Canal Bank Road with shady, big, and old trees standing firm on both of its sides. Many people have serious concerns about cutting down of these centuries old trees, which have seen Lahore transform from walled city to an ever expanding metropolitan still fit for the kings.
Population of Lahore is almost 90 million and this number is constantly increasing. Unlike Karachi, Lahories do not appreciate living in apartments and are not too fond of the lifestyle that comes with it. Therefore, several housing schemes meet the increasing needs of accommodation. The roads infrastructure here is not well planned and traffic jams have become a constant problem. To curb the issues of traffic, widening of roads seems the only solution. Before Canal Bank Road, several roads have been widened, making it more convenient for people to travel around and reach their destination on time.
Lahore Conservation Society has spoken up against the expansion, dubbing it an act of deteriorating the city’s old structure but the counter arguments apparently have subdued such concerns. It is important that the Government of Punjab teams up with the Lahore Conservation Society and walk hands in hands with them to make Lahore more beautiful and desirable for people to live in and visit. 

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