December 11, 2011

Why This Kolaveri Di Pakistani Rap Version

Why this kolaveri Di song has been every where for quit a long time now,different versions of the sing has been released after the original song by Dhanush,Sonu Nigam son ,Nevaan nigam also sang  milk version of kolaveri Di Song also female version and a Uk based singer Arjun released English version of  Kolaveri Di Song,
And finally A Pakistani Well known rapper Qzer now came up with the Rap version of Kolaveri Di Song.


The Lyrics of Why this kolaveri song Pakistani Version are available below,You will also be able to download audio and video of Why This Kolaveri Di Song Pakistani Version.

Why This Kolaveri Di Song Pakistani Version [LYRICS]

Born during the day, but my heart is still dark, 
i never miss a target, yeah i just spill darts, 

No burden no more, its time i lighten my hope, 
and just look at those hoes, ill biten my rope, 

whether its the acid or the asset, hope is my language, 
call me classic or a mad bitch, watch me walk outa my casket, 
mash it like its plastic, ive had enough and thats it, 
you matched it and snaped it, im still hangin on my last thread,

cut it off, the blood it loss ? and yah think i am hopeless, 
no penny snacks, so lemme ask ? did yah take out both sets ?
hope is sand, like the rolling hand, on my rolex, 
in line to drop but will pin point the spot, u just dont know what goes next
why this hatred add kerna hai
aur end mein 
brothers getting shot, 
sisters getting raped,
how am i supposed to achieve a healthy mind state

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