January 25, 2012

Ali Zafar's Twitter account hacked

Ali Zafar is busy these days with the luancing of his movie London Paris New York,On 26th January 00:55 Ali Was shocked to know that someone else has been using is twitter account,Firstly Ali got confused and Ali twitted
"I Think My twitter account has been hacked,some anonabagnale is updating is automatically being followed by me and my password has been changed"

By 1;11 he discovered that his account has been hacked.

Ali Twitted @AdityaSonpal has hacked my account and deleting my messages of it being hacked everyone report him please
We contacted Ali Zafar management and were told that its true that it has been hacked
this news has been Confirmed by Aleem his Management Member.
& After that it was posted on on his Official Fan page as well.

Later on at about 1:43 Am  Ali Zafar again tweeted
"So apparently my account was hacked. I hope no more of hackers now. Sorry to @anonabagnale and @adityasonpal of wrongly accusing, not guilty"
 We hope his account is safe now.

On 28th January Ali Zafar twitter account got hacked again.The story is still developing
At about 11:13 PST "Ali's PR Assistant Aleem has confirmed that they have got the account back"

It seems as if the hackers are trying to get hold of Ali Zafar twitter account.


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