January 19, 2012

"Teesri Aankh" An urdu sci fi Play

Riding off the popularity of the successful and critically acclaimed play "Jaal” and “Nizam Sakka”, the team of Theater Hub and The Lahore Alma has returned to present "Teesri Aankh”, an Urdu Sci-Fi Play which is expected to present an extremely entertaining evening for the audience between 3rd to 5th February at Ali Auditorium. The play, which is a very ambitious script to say the least, takes its roots from sci-fi as it revolves around an alienated location and the arrival of a mysterious alien race that plan to capture humans in order to unravel their grand plans for the human race.

What's most notable about the project is the fact that it tackles Science-fiction, a genre that has been left mostly unchallenged when it comes to theater in Pakistan. While the premise of the play will capture the attention of most, it's the mature characters and their transformation under various scenarios that will breathe life into the play. From a mysterious Chawkidaar, to a war torn writer, the play is destined to pull the audience into a different reality.

Jodat Irtiza, who plays an Alien in the play says, "Playing the character of a being that humans could not relate to proved to be a challenge. The body movement, the language, the dialogue delivery all had to be very unique and even though my character is more on the humorous side, I'm glad I could work with a person like our director Talal Ali Jan, who helped me throughout the project to fine tune it”.

Muhammad Usman, who plays the character of a deranged, war torn writer says, "The character is very mature and complex, but it has been a joy to be able to play it. Of course, it would have been almost impossible without the help of the director and team, and hopefully, the audience will appreciate the complexity and maturity of not just my character, but the whole cast!"

Doing a Sci-Fi play is definitely a challenge, but Theatre Hub has consistently lived up to expectations in the past and they deserve the complete confidence that they will pull of yet another masterpiece this February.
Muhammad Usman

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