January 28, 2012


When Saturday, 4 February 2012
Time17:00 until 21:00 
At Da ZamZama Club Karachi

A Family event where everyone is welcome to attend the event.

We will filter and look for people who have "Muhammad" in their name, like Muhammad Waqas, Muhammad Rafay etc.

Please bring proof of identity like CNIC, B-Form, Passport or any other document which can prove your first name as Muhmmad
Other people who do not have "Muhammad" in their name do not need to bring any documents.

As of Today:
The largest gathering of people with the same first name is 1,096 Mohammeds as part of the Dubai Shopping Festival at Creek Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 10 February 2005.

Most of you may know of the record that is currently held by Pakistan for the most people singing the National Anthem together. The organizers did that record on "I Own Pakistan" Platform now they launched proper company “Record On Hai !” and planning to break yet another record on Saturday the 4th Feb 2012. 

It is a very sacred day for the Muslim nation as it is the birthday of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h). All of you who have the first name Muhammad are requested to gather together to break the record of 1100 people with the name and Dubai is the current record holder for this event. 

Volunteers Please subscribe yourself:
To subscribe, send: Recordonhai(space)your name to 0323txtualy(8988259)

To unsubscribe, send: stop(space)Recordonhai to 0323txtualy(8988259)

Abid Beli 0321-9204942
Waqas Pai 0321-2437186


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