February 26, 2012

Exclusive Chit Chat with Ali Zafar's Management - Aleem

Warm welcome to the fans of Ali Zafar we do know that you guys have lots of questions to ask from Ali Zafar,At the moment Ali Zafar is little busy so we have taken an Exclusive interview of Aleem .We guys will be soon taking an inter view of Ali too.

Q1) Who is Aleem ?

A - For those who don't know aleem. Aleem is from Ali Zafar's Management. He replies to fans questions and queries. He's also known as the PR/PR Assistant of Ali Zafar. While Ammara is the Press Manager/PR Manager.

Q2) When is LPNY releasing?.
A - Good question, as many fans were confused about the release date. LPNY will release on 2nd March.

Q3) Will LPNY Release in Pakistan?.
A - Well, yes. As Ali mentioned in his recent interview If he get the permission, he will do a full red carpet in Karachi.

Q4) Best song from LPNY?
A - Thehree Si Zindagi

Q5) Answering so many fans?. Isnt that hard?. Don't you get annoyed?.
A - Its not hard actually. I love talking to people & answering them & No i don't get annoyed easily.

Q5) Where can fans reach you to get an answer?.
A - They can email me at Aleem@alizafar.net or follow me on twitter @Aleem24x7

Q6) Who is Ali Zafar?.
A - Ali Zafar, is The phenomena who continues to entertain us on a whole different level through the power of his voice and vision.

Q7) Recently Ali Zafar's part was edited out from the Filmfare awards. What would you like to say on that?. Why did this happen?.
A - Well, let me correct one thing as many other websites have also published that his part was edited out. Only his Performance was edited out, his hosting was still there & as Ali mentioned on twitter everything happens for a reason .

Q8) Where can fans talk to Ali Zafar directly?.
A - They can interact with him on twitter - @Alizafarsays

Q9) Will we see Ali Zafar in Pakistani movies?
A - YES!

Q10) Who will release the movie in Pakistan?.
A - Geo Films.

Q11) Where should one contact if they have to call Ali for a Concert?.
A - They can Email Sarfraz - Sarfraz@alizafar.net & for interviews they can Email Ammara - Ammara@alizafar.net

Q12) You might have heard about Humsafar. What would you like to say on that?
A - Aah, loved the story. Excellent acting by Mahira & Fawad.

Q13) Some fans criticized LPNY Trailer & said that they cant watch it with family. Is that true?.
A - Well no, LPNY can be watched with the family. There's a UA Trailer as well. They can see that.

Q14) Where can the fans download LPNY Songs Legally?.
A - Songs are available on the Nokia OVI Store.

Q15) What do you personally think about Ali Zafar?
A - A great man, a Great artist with a great personality. In short He's awesome .

Thank you for your time. We wish Ali & his team the very best of luck for his movie London Paris New York.


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