March 5, 2012

I-MARC 2012

By  Yamna Hassan IBA Karachi

Keeping in mind the current situation of terror, anarchy and instability, it seems that we, as the youth of Pakistan, are content at being looked upon as a secluded, clogged and stigmatized group of hapless individuals. We have chosen to remain silent spectators of what goes around and are too lazy to get rid of our bleak silhouetted image. In order to break ourselves from the chains of deafening silence and frightful ignorance that keep us manacled, The IBA Media and Publications Society gave birth to I-MARC in 2010. I-MARC (IBA media Accession and Reinforcement Convention) back then was astutely fabricated around the concept of positive projection of our homeland through the popular media and blaring a reawakening call in the ears of the anesthetized and paralyzed mortals that we have become.
As the power of Media grew even more, I-MARC continued to gain popularity. It became one such event that attained glorification, establishment and utmost praise ever since its introduction into the world of creativity, unconventional thinking and positive projection. With an amazing brand name established in the previous years, walking down the same footsteps, we found ourselves delved in a greater pool of compassion and enthusiasm that we are spurred to rebound with a greater magnitude, much more energy and over spilling creativity! This year, A new wave of mysteries, suspicions, investigations, historical inspirations, clash between rivals, unprecedented strategies, glitz, glamour and shine will blow you along as I-MARC 2012 will hit the shore!
I-MARC 2012 is devised to be a holistic Media event.  Considering the cavernous growth of the Media today, it was quite a challenging task to incorporate the maximum possible genres of Media into the cannily fabricated and far-reaching activities of I-MARC 2012. The poignancy of the Media today ranges from leading revolutions to ousting dictators, from selling ideas to creating heroes, from unearthing stories to documenting discoveries, from spotting the culpable factors to unraveling mysteries,  the Media has transcended all boundaries of influence. It has sent into oblivion the concepts of distances and has enfolded people world over with its overpowering trait of connection. 
IMARC 2012 is a competition centric-workshop that envisions to reaffirm the vitality of media, define how the youth of today can use it to spread positivity, celebrate unity and break through the bondage of grief. With the power of media, comes the responsibility to use it well. The youth needs to create a pathway out of the haze of disconcerting events and failed people. We, the youth of Pakistan, see the nation beyond the failures of yesterday but as we grapple with the future, the tools of media can assist us. 
Due to the proximity of Today’s Media and our lives, we felt the need to discretely study and experience the actual functioning of the Media houses. For this reason, the activities of I-MARC 2012 are action focused and very similar to reality. I-MARC 2012 will be held on 24th,25th and 26th March in IBA Main Campus, Karachi. 
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