March 13, 2012

Pakistani Singers/Bands Approaches Facebook Advertising

After leading Brands in Pakistan too accepted Social Media as one of the most powerful tool for marketing, So did the Pakistani Singers. They now consider it as the Best method to showcase their Talent.

In the recent days I came across many singers mostly upcoming artists promoting themselves through facebook advertising. The reason behind this step was not clear until we did a deep research on this matter. I took snaps of the advertisements that appeared, most singers were new like Nofel, Ghazi the band, Mooros and others were known singers such as Laal The Band.

We tried getting in touch with one of the singer who is using this approach, He told us not to mention his name, When we asked him why is he spending so much on facebook advertising why not contact music channels or music websites to show his music to the audience?
He Replied “I do not have contacts in the media, I have contacted several websites but they demanded money in order to add my video as sponsored video to their websites. One of the websites even offered me that they can get me facebook likes at a very high price. Thus I decided what I have to do is to contact a social media company and they did exactly what I needed, with lesser chargers as compared to those music websites.

Apart from this many other artists consider social media as a great way to show their talent. Qzer is a talented rapper. He has been rapping for many years. He has used Youtube, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook to make presence in the industry; recently he launched a video which is being aired on T.V Channels.
We asked Qzer how important has social media been through out your music career?
He Replied “Social media has been important but also taught me not to depend on it. It has definitely helped me reach wider audience in a manner I could have not thought of otherwise, but at the same time has restricted my talent to only social media where a lot of other artists like me are held captives.”


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