June 6, 2012

Vj Fatima Exclusive Interview On EventsPakistan.Com

Hello VJ Fatima, how are you, glad to have this little chat session with you tonight. We'd like to know a lot about you and your VJing career, you, one of the best Pakistani VJs, , as a matter of fact!

Tell us how did you start VJing
This question I have been asked so many times before! But I love telling the story! I went for an audition to help a friend ( VJ Ahmed) out. We auditioned together and and the director just loved us together and immediately offered us both a spot.   Bas phir woh din aur aaj ka din.

What is the secret behind your successful stint as a VJ?
As my co-host Ahmed will tell you it's the power of social media! :) Actually I don't know if I would call myself successful. Simply blessed to have so many people pray for me and love me. Its their feedback that keeps me going. It's when I became a VJ i understood how much I loved interacting with people sharing their experiences playing their music :)

Tell us about one of your most unforgettable VJing experience
All of them :) every show is a new experience. Theres a little something thats unforgettable every time and its all because of the beautiful out there who support me :) There was this one time though. I was hosting a cd launch and I have stage fright! I told my boss I couldnt do it and he showed faith in me and encouraged me. I was shaking in my heels infront of the audience, and the podium was one of those danda wala's not an entire wooden one. Im pretty sure the audience saw me shake. But i took a deep breath steadied myself and started the show! But i have MAJOR stage fright!

Compliments which you cherish
Positive feedback about my work. Always brings a smile to my face! 

What does love mean to you?
The world!!! It's one of my Favorite emotions and I used to do a show about love too! One of the best times of my life :) I could elaborate but it would take forever!

When you are sad,Upset what do you do?
I indulge myself in music. Its peaceful. Otherwise I do yoga! Calms me down. And this is a new obsession btw.

Few words you will like to say about our website..??
:) the power of the internet it's now not the next big thing but its the thing and you guys are on the right path so maintain your efforts and provide the right entertainment :)

We Thank You for giving us your precious time :)


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