October 10, 2012

"Object" Renowned Home Accessories Store launches in Lahore

LAHORE: Object, everyone’s favorite home accessories store, is now launching a flagship store at M.M. Alam Road’s favorite location, Vogue Towers. The new sprawling store has an extensive display area where the complete range of trendy and chic home accessories including truck-art inspired medicine cabinets, trendy trays and unique metallic trinkets. 
“We have been located in Y Block, DHA, for a couple of years now but I have been wanting to strengthen our hold in Lahore and am delighted to finally be opening doors at Lahore’s most prestigious shopping destination Vogue Towers on M.M Alam Road,” said Adil Sartaj, CEO of Object. 

Object is easily the country’s favorite home accessory store and the inventory at Object is always a work in progress with constant invention and innovations taking place. The Object store in Karachi stocks a huge variety of items for home d├ęcor including huge vases, trays made from metal as well as wood, trinkets for the wall, salad bowls, coffee tables and truck-art inspired accent pieces. 

“Object is a store which has a little something for everyone,” said Adil Sartaj, who is also the head designer of Object and has gained quite a reputation for taking home accessories to another level of eclectic fun and frolic. “The idea behind the Object store was to provide a shopping cart of options for all customers.”
The launch of the Object store at Vogue Towers in Lahore is also accompanied by a fashion show of Second Skin, the first line of casual and chic clothing designed and launched by Object itself. 
“The idea behind the launch of Object in Lahore was to also announce that we have Second Skin in all our flagship stores, ensuring that Object is no longer just a store for home accessories but also a store for chic clothing,” said Adil Sartaj. 

The owner and COO of Vogue Towers Saad Akram said he was extremely delighted that Object had chosen his mall as the destination for their flagship store in Lahore. “I think Object is just the kind of store we needed at Vogue Towers because while we had a large number of clothing brands at this mall, we were desperately looking for a home accessories brand and were delighted when Adil Sartaj said yes,” he said. 
Object is on a spree of expansions across the country and plans to open a second store at The Mall in Karachi soon, as well as a store in Islamabad soon after this launch. 
“We have spent considerable time getting our product range and internal systems in order,” said Adil Sartaj, “and now I think it’s time to take the expansion outward and start giving other cities a taste of Object.” 
Apart from home accessories and gift items, the store also contains a wide variety of clothes collection which is chic, elegant and very classy. Their main mission is to design and manufacture things in their own outlets by creating an individual style. 

Object formed by Adil Sartaj and his partners’ deals in home accessories and gift items. The main mission of the store is to provide unique and exclusive items to their customers. Check out the facebook page. 


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