February 28, 2013

Not Just Self-Employed – but Self-Empowered- Freelancer.Pk

Can Pakistanis discover a way to earn money while finding freedom at the same time?

Freelancer.com is worlds 1st online job marketplace.Soon Freelancer.com will be starting its portal freelancer.pk in Pakistan.

 In the past 3 years (2009-2012), self-employed Pakistanis surged from 33.3% to 39.9% - this was faster than the employee category growth, which only grew from 35.8% to 36%. The growth of self-employment was joined by the rise of Internet, which has shown double-digit growth in the past five years.

 With over 5 million broadband users in Pakistan, the Internet has truly revolutionized the way we all work – a report from Freelancer.com, the world’s largest online job marketplace, mentioned that Pakistani online workers have already earned over $13 million from the website. Pakistan is the third top country using the website, closely behind India and the United States.

 With globalization presenting stiffer competition from other countries, how have Pakistani online workers overtaken other nations and achieved this competitive advantage? It just can’t be that we work cheaper due to our economic conditions. The underlying cause seems to be that all these online workers have finally found a way to prove that they’re as talented and determined as everybody else.

 All evidence points to a huge increase in freelance work throughout the economy, and the world. The freelance model of business is growing in leaps and bounds and the Internet is delivering a dramatic shift to society by unsettling the global labor market.  

Freelancers, as self-employed professionals, get a lot of benefits: one, hard work results into a more palpable income growth; two, they have flexible working hours; and three, they manage the amount of projects they take, which results into high-quality work and better reputation.

 Today, the challenge to every Pakistani is to discover how their talent and determination can help them earn a stable income. By becoming self-employed freelancers, everyone will soon discover a way not just to earn money, but to find a path to freedom and self-empowerment.


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