February 8, 2013

Pakistani Embassy rocked by Riyadh's Musicians!

Humnawa - Annual Couple Dinner at Riyadh's Pakistani Embassy was rocked by some of Riyadh's musicians.
Riyadh: Humnawa an  Annual Couple Dinner which was organized by the Sajida Choudhary of Humnawa group at Pakistani Embassay in Riyadh. on Thursday night.
The event started off with some speeches & naats & some dance performances by different schools. The limelight of the show were Maaz Khan (Beats24x7 Artist), Usama Khan & Moabbir Muhammad these are one of the best Musicians in riyadh at the moment.
At around 11:30 it was the time when Maaz, Usama & Moabbir went on the stage to bring some energy into the crowd.

Moabbir started off his performance with Khaamaj a very famous song by Fuzon band followed by Bandeya & Khuda Ke Liye . The crowd was blown away by Moabbir's performance & his soft voice & hey let us not forget the crowd were screaming "Once Again".

 After Moabbir, Usama went on stage to bring some Energy into the crowd and sang his medley Bachana by Bilal Khan followed by Bandeya & Aadat. The crowd went crazy when Usama sang the first line of Bachana followed by Bandeya which was very much appreciated by the crowd, the best song was Aadat which made the crowd go even more crazy.

Later on, after Moabbir and Usama it was time for Maaz Khan who is a Beats24x7 Artist to rock the show with his Energetic & Powerful voice. Maaz started off with his performance by singing one of the hits of Farhan Saeed - Pee Jaon, followed by some other hits i.e: Babia - Sajjad Ali, Waqt - EP, Hona Tha Pyaar - Atif Aslam, Laree Chote - Call the Band,  Aitbaar - Vital Signs, Jalaan - Aaroh , Ghaholi - Abida Parveen & let us not forget Jadeed Zamana  the artist own song. The crowd loved each & every bit of Maaz's performance, specially when he sang Aitbaar & Hona tha Pyaar.
The event was attended by the Pakistani Ambassador & Aleem Zafar, from Ali Zafar's Management.

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