May 2, 2013

ChangeK - A hope to change the world "Press Release"

ChangeK is a newly started organisation owned by Aleem Zafar. The main aim of this organisation is to change the world, the way we live & make this world into a better place.

ChangeK recently had its launch event in Dubai, where the event was attended by a lot of people & including the Dubai media. While talking to the press this is what Aleem had to say "Well i love helping people, and this project is always been really close to me though it took a lot of time for me to get it started due to some reasons" When asked what is the main aim of this organisation, Aleem said "The main aim is to change the world we live in, try making it into a better place. I have been traveling all around the world, and have seen a lot  different people but there was one thing similar i saw everywhere that there is a lot of negativity between everyone, people are hating on each other without any reason, kids/teenagers are bullying their classmates for no reason, people are getting abused for no reason, people are fighting with each other for no reason, no one cares to listen to the other person because of their assumptions, the poor are dying. Why is all this?, we were here to spread the message of peace & love, smiles & laughter all over. Are we really going into a good direction?. We ourselves are making our lives more harder, i've always believed in "Be the change you wish to see in this world". ChangeK is here to help every human being on this planet & treat everyone equally. I'm playing my role in changing the world, make sure you do too. Before its too late.
After Aleem Zafar, it was time for the Media Director to speak some words & after this the event ended with a great dinner & after party . covered this event exclusively 
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