June 27, 2013

Elan Sport "Project Pakistan"

Lahore: 26th June 2013] Élan, one of Pakistan’s leading luxury fashion brands, announced their collaboration with renowned biking enthusiast Moin Khan on an exciting new project titled “Project Pakistan” at a press conference held at Veranda Bistro in Lahore on 26th June 2013. After his historic bike ride from California to Pakistan, Moin Khan, along with two other international bikers, is now embarking on a motorbike journey across Pakistan to discover the beauty and heritage of the country and disseminate a positive image of his fellow countrymen. In addition to co-sponsoring this initiative, Élan has designed a special line of sportswear which will be available at all Élan outlets and leading retailers nationwide under the label, Élan Sport.

Creative Head of Élan, Khadijah Shah and biking enthusiasts Moin Khan, Michael Philip Stewart and Kyle James Haggmark addressed an august gathering of journalists, friends, family and special guests on the occasion and spoke of how the “Project Pakistan” initiative would contribute towards projecting a softer image of Pakistan to foreign audiences. After the press conference, Élan unveiled their new exclusive line of sportswear and showcased the motorbikes which Moin Khan and his fellow bikers would be riding on their trip. The press conference was well attended and featured renowned designers, socialites, media personalities and other guests. Public Relations for the event was handled by Lotus.

Moin Khan will travel with foreign bikers Michael Philip Stewart and Kyle James Haggmark to Pakistan’s famous cities and landmarks. Originally, more bikers had planned to accompany the team on their landmark trip, but as a result of the recent tragedy at the Nanga Parbat base camp at Diamer, a majority had to abandon their plans due to security concerns. The trip is tentatively scheduled for the last week of June 2013.

Speaking about her brand’s involvement in Project Pakistan, fashion designer Khadijah Shah said, “Élan is proud to be associated with Project Pakistan and we strongly support Moin Khan’s initiative to promote a softer image of Pakistan. Our brand is one which strongly believes in sports and leisurely pursuits, which is why associating with Moin Khan on this project was a natural decision to make. We are proud to announce a new exclusive sportswear line which Moin Khan and his fellow bikers will wear during their trip. The line features clothing which is practical and trendy enough to be worn casually for everyday use. We wish Moin Khan and his team the very best for their trip!”

Speaking about “Project Pakistan”, biking enthusiast Moin Khan said, “While Pakistan is a country which has seen its fair share of turmoil in recent times, there is a side to the country which barely sees the light of day. I strongly believe that Pakistan has a lot to offer to the world, much of which can be observed through its historic and cultural landmarks and scenic vistas in the country’s northern areas which are a paradise for biking enthusiasts like us. On this trip I am taking two foreign bikers with me to what I’m confident will be an eye-opening and mind-broadening experience. I plan to take 40 bikers next year and then 400 bikers the year after that. In due time, I’m hopeful that Pakistan will become the next go-to place for international bikers and that people will come to appreciate the true beauty and wonder that the country holds.”

Speaking about the trip biker Michael Philip Stewart said, “I have always wanted to ride up into the Himalayas and I immediately jumped at the chance to go. Two of my well-traveled friends visited Hunza valley years ago and still talk about it as one of their favorite spots in the world. I love motorcycle riding adventures and can't wait to explore these remote areas. Hopefully our experience will help motivate other foreigners to get out and see the world, and build bonds of friendship the way Moin has done with our international group of riders.”

“I am going to Pakistan because this is the trip of a lifetime. I have no reservations whatsoever. I am excited about this trip, which marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. A fresh start, a new adventure! My family is understandably worried, but I would be crazy not to go!” said biker Kyle James Haggmark

In addition to biking, Élan has lent its support to different sporting pursuits in the past, previously supporting the game of polo through the sponsorship of a local tournament, the Élan Polo cup held in 2013.


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