July 8, 2013

‘Contradictions’ by Perceptions Launch

‘Contradictions’ by Perceptions is an internationally acclaimed furniture brand officially launched in Pakistan on 6th July, 2013. It can be defined as the next big fashion destination of Pakistan offering a vast variety of fashionable and lavish quality of furniture that is guaranteed to sensationalize the entire furniture industry of the nation.

On Saturday, 6th of July 2013 the official opening of Contradiction’s outlet located in The Ocean Mall, Clifton was commenced.  HUM 2 was the official Media Partners of the event. The outlet was inaugurated by an over-whelming opening speech from the owner Mr. Mazhar’s own 14 year old daughter. The owner of The Ocean Mall, Mr. Tariq Rafi, himself was present there to magnify the glory of the event as the Chief Guest. He had the privilege of performing the ribbon cutting ceremony and marked the beginning of a new era redefining the fashion outlook of the furniture industry of Pakistan.

The event was a huge success judging from all the positive responses and praises received from visitors and guests. A fairly large number of people were present in the launch celebration to witness what should possibly be categorized as the most unique and remarkable fashionable furniture ever seen in Pakistan. What made the furniture stand out from the market was the fact that it had an incomparable finesse to it. The beauty of the furniture, lightings and accessories was just outclassed -Words would fail to do justice in describing them. Woods and fiber, metals, fabrics, leather, crystal and mirrors were used in a way never seen before ranging from exceptional patchwork of various contrasts, different textures to white as well as tiled mosaics to using different animal skins, shell and horns as accessories to create a chic, urban and elegant look. The unique way of implementing bull horns and animal shells in lamps and accessories design was the life of the party, speaking out for itself that left every human eye awe-stricken and dazzled by its beauty and elegance.

Contradictions is an international furniture brand originating from the country of Spain. Over the course of 35 long years, this brand has made quite a tremendous mark in the local as well as the international market, landing its first steps in Netherlands in the early 70s and spreading out its roots globally into other overseas countries with time.

We wish to see Contradictions reach the same triumphant victory in Pakistan as it has achieved in other countries around the globe. Considering the spellbinding quality and excellence offered by Contradictions, we are certain that this brand will make its way to the highest peak and swipe away the entire furniture market by creating and introducing an entirely new fashion trend and innovation in Pakistan.


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