September 13, 2013

A book on Pakistani Cuisine Launched by Oxford University Press

London, 9 September: As a part of the programme of the International
Alliance of Women 36th Triennial Congress, Oxford University Press
Pakistan, in collaboration with The UK All Pakistan Women's Association
(UK APWA), launched its publication Food Prints: An Epicurean Voyage
through Pakistan-Overview of Pakistani Cuisine written by Shanaz Ramzi.
Pakistan is home to many diverse communities, each boasting a cuisine
that has been influenced by the country's rich history and varied
topography. The book documents the influence of geography, history,
culture, and religion on the culinary habits of Pakistan. Apart from
giving a general idea about the forms of the staple diet of the country,
it also highlights the various communities that inhabit different parts
of the country and the cuisines they enjoy in particular. The author
also traces the origins of many of the popular dishes, the enchanting
legends behind some of them, and the occasions they are most associated
with. An attractive, well-designed book, it encompasses recipes from
across the country, and also includes some of the author's favourites
from her personal repertoire.

Shanaz Ramzi has been working as a freelance journalist since 1994. She
has written on a variety of subjects for various publications, both
local and international. Ramzi has been twice nominated for the Gender
in Journalism Award by UNESCO. She is currently serving at HUM Network
Ltd as General Manager, Publications and Public Relations, and Editor of
Masala TV Food Mag, Pakistan's widely circulated food magazine.

The launch ceremony held at the Old Hall, Lincoln's Inn, was
well-attended by food writers, book reviewers, food connoisseurs, and
the congress delegates. During her speech, Shanaz Ramzi described how
the seeds for writing this book were sown and how it took her a journey
of seven years to research and collect material for it. Bashan Rafique,
Chairperson, The UK APWA, and Jocelyn Scutt of International Alliance of
Women also spoke at the occasion.  


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