January 27, 2014

Closing Ceremony of Fatima Memorial Hospital’s Employees Hepatitis B Vaccination Campaign

[Lahore - December 21st

the Employees  Hepatitis  B  Vaccination  Campaign.  The  vaccine  was  kindly  donated  by  the 

Health  department  of  the  Government  of  Punjab  to  help  prevent  the  disease  in  the  province 

which has been rampant in the past few years.

The  closing  ceremony  was attended  by  Mr.  Hafiz  Muhammed  Akram,  DG,  Social  Welfare  -

Government  of  Punjab, Dr.  Sabeen,  Manager  Hepatitis  Prevention  Program  - Government  of

Punjab and the esteemed members of the hospital.

The  ceremony  was  inaugurated  by Dr.  Arif  Amir  Nawaz,  the  hospital  director  who  gave  an 

introduction  on  the  hospital  and  welcomed  everyone  who  was  present  and  thanked  the 

Government  of  Punjab  for  their  kind  donation.  He  also  gave  a  picture  on  the  situation  of  the 

disease in the country and the preventive measures that need to be taken. 

  This  was followed  by  an  update  on the  vaccination  of the  staff  by Sister Kiran Arif Khan; Mr. 

Hafiz Muhammed Akram & Dr. Sabeen addressed the guests present and gave an update on 

what has been achieved through the Hepatitis Prevention Program in the province.

The  concluding  remarks  of  the  ceremony  were  by Prof.  Humayun  Maqsood,  Principal,  FMH 

College of Medicine & Dentistry which were preceded by distribution of certificates to the staff 

who had actively worked during the campaign and put in the extra effort apart from their regular 

duties at the hospital in the campaign. The certificates were presented by Mr. Hafiz Muhammad 

Akram, Dr.  Sabeen  and  Abid  Hussain,  Director  Operations  &  Ms.  Beenish  Kashif  of  Fatima 

Memorial System..

According to  estimates of the Health  department,  overall  prevalence  of Hepatitis B  and C is  6 

million infections and 7 million infections respectively in Pakistan. With these facts it is estimated 

that about 15 million people somehow harbor hepatitis viruses in their bodies.

Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman, Lahore was founded as a not for profit hospital in 1977 to 

serve patients from all walks of life regardless of their means to pay.

 2013]:  Fatima  Memorial  Hospital  held  the  closing  ceremony  of


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