February 9, 2014

Women Exclusive Van Service Kicks off in the Twin Cities of Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Under the vision of Government of Punjab, DRTA and Al-Abrar Associates (Pvt.) Ltd. in collaboration with ZonG 

Flutter, bring “Tabeer” Van service for the commuting women of Islamabad/ Rawalpindi

 February, 2014: Taking further the Government of Punjab’s objective of women empowerment, Al-Abrar 

Karachi – 7th

Associates, RTA (Regional Transport Authority) and ZonG have joined hands to launch a Women Exclusive Van service – 

“Tabeer” for the commuting women of Islamabad/ Rawalpindi. 

Lack of safe, secure, comfortable and economic transport is one of the reasons that even skilled and educated women are 

unable to break out of the cycle of grinding poverty. In rush hours men crowd bus stops resulting in delay and frustration for 

women. To provide a sustainable solution to this issue, DRTA has taken a revolutionary step of Project Tabeer in collaboration 

with Al-Abrar Associates, sponsored by Zong Flutter to allow every woman the right to avail convenient transport facility to 

commute for work. 

Expressing his views on the Project Tabeer initiative, Mr. Awais Manzoor Tarar, Secretary DRTA said, “With the very first 

initiative of its kind taken by private sector, DRTA in collaboration with Al-Abrar Associates and support of Zong wishes to 

take the endeavors of Government of Punjab for women’s empowerment to a new level. Public Transport is one area where 

we feel women face a number of problems and hence we couldn’t think of any better platform than a dedicated van service 

for the working women of Islamabad and Rawalpindi which will offer them a safe and easy commute.”

12 exclusive branded vans will facilitate women, in not only commuting between the twin cities, but also serve as a hub of 

information on ZonG Flutter packages with the added advantage of allowing women to avail recharge facility on the go. This 

is in line with Zong Flutter’s tagline, “Meri dunya, Merey khwaab”, specifically dedicated to help women realize their dreams. 

Project Tabeer is yet another step in that direction. Speaking on sponsoring Project Tabeer, Ms. Esna Bhatti, Product 

Manager Flutter, ZonG said: “We are grateful to RTA, Al-Abrar Associates and the Government of Punjab in turning the 

Tabeer project into a reality. Since ZonG Flutter is all about females, the project was a natural fit with the values that ZonG 

Flutter stands for. Hence, we decided to become the principal sponsors of the project”. 

Sharing her thoughts on Project Tabeer, Ms. Nabila Yazdani - Deputy Director HR, ZonG said, “At ZonG, we are sensitive 

to the many problems faced by Pakistani women to stand up for their rights and understand the hurdles faced by Pakistani 

women every single day. Hence, Tabeer is our way of letting women in Pakistan know that we respect their ambitions and 

want to become active partners in helping them achieve a prominent status in the society”.

Talking about the project, Mr. Ali Hamdani, CEO Al-Abrar Associates said, “We are pleased to collaborate with ZonG, 

Government of Punjab and RTA to bring together this very special project. Al-Abrar, Government of Punjab and ZonG Flutter 

share a common goal of facilitating the women of Pakistan. There could be no better way of empowering the women of 

Punjab than launching Project Tabeer, women exclusive van service providing them a safe and comfortable commute facility 

to get a step closer to their dreams and ambitions. We plan to expand this facility in other areas of Punjab after initial success 

in the twin cities”

About Zong:

A first international step for China Mobile, ZonG aims at touching the lives of all Pakistanis! We serve to inspire and empower the people 

of Pakistan with innovative technology that keeps pace with today's fast evolving culture. Expanding our wings of coverage to all corners, 

making no distinctions along the way and most of all, maintaining excellence in connectivity everywhere we go. Affordability & Innovation 

are what define us, aided with a diverse set of entertaining and informative Value Added Services. With a state of the art system, along with 

other services ZonG allows and enables its users to avail the best possible Mobile Internet bundles that are not offered anywhere else in the 

country making the experience, truly a unique one!

As a Pilot Project 12 vans have been dedicated for this purpose and shall ply of following two routes of 

twin cities:-

Route No. 1: Haider Road Saddar Rawalpindi to Pak Secretariat Islamabad via Railway Station, 

Marrer Chowk, Moti Mahal, Committee Chowk, Waris Khan, Naz Cinema, Central Hospital, Sadiq Abad, 

Rehman Abad, Shamsabad, Faiz Abad, Zero Point, Fire Brigade, Abpara, Melody, GPO, Poly Clinic, F6/1, 

Super Market, Pak Secretariat. 

Route length: 23 km.

Route No. 7: Haj Complex to Swan Camp via Golra Morr, Kohinoor Mil, Pir Wadai Morr, Chur Depot, 

Cheering Cross, Radio Pakistan, Rece Course Ground, MH Chowk, Railway Station, Kamran Chowk, 

Marrer Chowk, District Courts, Morgah Morr, Alshafa, SOS Village. 

Route length: 19 km.

The salient feature of Tabeer Ladies Transport Project is that it will be self-sustaining and the revenue

required for smooth execution of the project will be generated by branding the vans. This project will 

not only meet the travelling needs of females but will also generate employment for them as the vans 

will be conducted by the females also. Strict checking of timing and routes shall be ensured by regular

monitoring to address the complaints if any of the lady passengers.


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