May 2, 2014


[Pakistan: 25th April 2014] For the 17th year, L’Oréal Paris’ international Spokespersons will be lighting up the Croisette at the Cannes Festival each evening. This exceptional event, a worldwide rendezvous showcasing Glamour, Beauty and Talent, is the perfect occasion for the brand to reveal its upcoming make-up collection, L’Or Lumière. The collection pays tribute to Light and its central role in both cinema and beauty.
The following Spokespersons will be gracing the red carpet:
Blake Lively, 14 & 15 May
Zoe Saldana, 14 & 15 May
Jane Fonda, 14 May
Gong Li, 14 May
Julianne Moore, 15 May
Liya Kebede, 15 May
Madame Ines de la Fressange, 15 & 16 May
Aishwarya Rai, 16 May
Natasha Poly, 17 May
Leïla bekhti, 17 May
Freida Pinto, 17 & 18 May
Eva Longoria, 17 & 19 May
Sonam Kapoor, 19 May
Cheryl Cole, 19 May
Lara Stone, 21 May
Barbara Palvin, 21 May
Bianca Balti, 23 & 24 May
Li Yuchun, 23 & 24 MAY
This year, L’Oréal Paris is proud to welcome for the first time in Cannes its three new Spokespersons: Blake Lively, the irresistible symbol of Hollywood glamour and beauty icon for an entire generation, Zoe Saldana, the widely-acclaimed international actress revealed to the world for her role in Avatar and Lara Stone, a leading model who has redefined the codes of beauty in the fashion industry with her sensual looks and edgy personality.
The brand shares a unique vision of beauty, endorsed by its Spokespersons as iconic and charismatic as Freida Pinto, Blake Lively, Jane Fonda, Eva Longoria or Gong LI, who will represent the brand and its commitment to the world of cinema during the Festival. Julianne Moore will be representing her latest film, Maps To The Stars by David Cronenberg, while Gong Li’s movie Coming Home, directed by Zhang Yimou will be screened – though outside of the Official Competition.
L’Oréal Paris will also interpret the most stunning film looks using its make-up collection L’Or Lumière, exclusively created for this 2014 edition. 

L’Oréal Paris pays tribute to the Cannes’ prestigious prize – the Palme d’Or – by using its iconic gold colour as an inspiration for its 2014 Cannes Festival make-up collection where light reigns. Many movies have marked the history of cinema with their unique use of lighting including Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick (1999), Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola (1999), In the Mood For Love by Wong Kar-wai (2000) or The Tree of Life by Terrence Malick (2011).
This essential element plays a crucial role both in cinema and beauty. Our makeup artists, just like cameramen and light technicians for cinema, are comparable to magicians of light who create character and kindle emotion thanks to their delicately precise and aesthetic use of colour and light. Thus, reflection, luminescence and radiance are central aspects to the aesthetics of film, just as they are in make-up. L’Or Lumière offers a range of light-filled colours with opal reflections.
Throughout the Festival, the L’Oréal Paris Make-up artists will play on this theme to create their own make-up looks for the stars of the Festival as well as the Spokespersons. Karim Rahman, L’Oréal Paris’ Expert Make-up Artist, has drawn on the world of cinema to come up with looks that combine reflection and intense pigmentation for incredible make-up creations that will light up the red carpet each evening!
And to make their expertise available to others, L'Oréal Paris will provide access throughout the Festival to its very own Make-Up Designer Bar located in the heart of the Martinez. A dedicated space for the ultimate beauty break where you can try out different make-up looks inspired by the L’Or Lumière collection.
L’Oréal Paris will also reveal its “Make-Up Designer/Paris” brand platform that will be developed across its products, communication, digital and sales points.

L’Oréal Paris will honor French cinema during a major event on Thursday May 15th, organized in partnership with uniFrance films – an organization that aims to promote French films abroad. To celebrate its 65th Anniversary, uniFrance films produced a short film entitled “65 good reasons to love French cinema” in which brand Spokespersons Julianne Moore, Fan Bingbing and Andie MacDowell, and other film personalities, share their views of French cinema. This film will be screened for the first time in the L’Oréal Paris Suite in the occasion of this event.
Finally on May 22nd, Jane Fonda, Lara Stone, Barbara Palvin and Bianca Balti will represent L’Oréal Paris at the amfAR gala (at the Edec Roc hotel), an AIDS fund-raising dinner. As the Official Make-up Partner of this event, the Brand will beautify the models that will grace the catwalk.
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