June 27, 2014

Pepsi & Lays Perfect Match for Football Lovers

I was sitting at home watching my all-time favorite football .Just to get refreshed, went out and grabbed a can of Thandi Pepsi for myself.I was much surprised yet excited to see Lionel Messi (One of my favorite football players) on the can of Pepsi.Later on I found out that Pepsi has introduced limited edition football cans featuring Lionel Messi and the Flying Dutchman himself, Robin Van Persie.

Pepsi has also produced a new TVC related to Football, The TVC has a catchy tune,Lionel Messi enters a store holding a bag of lays and munching on them. Messi puts a coin in the Pepsi can vending machine and enjoys the refreshing Pepsi.While the shop keeper gets grip on the lays bag Messi is holding and eats the crunchy lays.The New TVC is appealing to such an extent that it becomes difficult to resist having Lays & Pepsi right after watching the TVC.

It is esteemed how Pepsi has at all times supported sports events from cricket to football no matter what, not just in Pakistan but globally as well. This time Pepsi introduced football Super stars with some of the biggest names in the game which have made the cut, with Lionel Messi understandably at the center of the Pepsi campaign.

I have a habit of having snacks while watching anything on the TV, mainly watching cricket & Football. Thus I prefer having a big bag of lays along with Pepsi.So yeah for me Pepsi & Lays are my all-time perfect match.If same is the case with you guys,Don’t wait more! Go and grab your stock of Pepsi & Lays and enjoy Football to the fullest.


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