October 14, 2014

Coke Studio releases Fourth Episode of Season Seven featuring ‘Dheray Dheray’ by Zoheb Hassan, ‘Ambwa Taley’ by Javed Bashir & Humera Channa, ‘Shakar Wandaan’ by Asrar and ‘Bone Shaker’ by Usman Riaz...

Following the announcement of Coke Studio third episode, Coke Studio Season 7 Episode Four will air on Sunday 12th October 2014 across all leading broadcast networks nationwide featuring ‘Dheray Dheray’ by Zoheb Hassan, ‘Ambwa Taley’ by Javed Bashir & Humera Channa, ‘Shakar Wandaan’ by Asrar and ‘Bone Shaker’ by Usman Riaz.

“Dheray Dheray” manifests as another step in Coke Studios journey, delving further into the quintessential Pakistani sound that emanated in the 80’s and 90’s. Zoheb Hassan’s classic track when brought onto Coke Studio brings forth a style of funk music with a distinct pop influence that resonates with the listener. The song itself is an ode to the lover’s heart, in which the lover is advising his heart to pace itself and be careful because once one falls in love it’ll be hard to get out of it. The groovy sunshine feel of the song performed by the house band also incorporates influences from blues-laden era of the 60’s. The clarinet coupled with the keyboards induces a Motown feel to the song, taking one on a gritty funk odyssey whilst the backing vocals add a sophisticated harmony soul to the composition. Zoheb’s vocals bring a soulful sincerity and takes one back to the good ol’ days of naïve and innocent musings of love.

Coke Studio brings together the iconic South Asian voice of the new millennium, Javed Bashir and the honey-dewed vocals of Humera Channa for the track “Ambwa Teley”. The Coke Studio composition unfolds as a folklore transporting one into a dream like landscape. Written by Hazrat Amir Khusro the wordings elaborate a wedding of a girl and the conflicting emotions of sadness and joy that parents go through when their daughter is getting married.  The composition encapsulates the complexity of human emotion, immersing one in melancholy and nostalgia. Bashir’s earthy tones deliver the depth of the composition that is further complemented by the subtle nuances of the xylophone played by Arsalan Rabbani, while Humera’s vocals accentuate the tenderness to the arrangement. The composition presents a mix of elements; the poignant effect of rain, the clarinet creating an impression of a shehnai that maintains a sense of auspiciousness and sanctity to the structure and finally the percussions that bring the song together.
Asrar returns to Coke Studio with his second track “Shakar Wandaan”. The Coke Studio arrangement of the composition brings a whimsical texture to the song that further reiterates the tongue in cheek nature of the song. Lyrically the song speaks of distributing sweets as his lover is coming to meet him. The track can be seen as a celebratory song of a lover’s elation of meeting his soul mate. The composition reminds one of 90’s Pakistani music era with overtones of Punjabi folk richness. The upbeat nature of the song grabs the attention of the listener with the buoyant tunes played by Tanveer Tafu on his banjo.  The dholak and backing vocalist string together the mood of the song bringing forth a festive feel to the arrangement. Shakar Wandaan is an infectious track that instills a feel good factor amongst the listeners.  

Wielding a modified acoustic guitar, the guitar’s neck and body for percussive accompaniment, Usman has managed to carve out his own signature style. Usman’s debut performance on Coke Studio with Bone Shaker  channels percussive sound from the guitar in such flare that it changes ones perception of how the guitar sound or be played. Bringing forward the first instrumental track of this season, the song opens up with a beautiful and intricate mix of percussion and harmony, delivered with depth, precision. The Coke Studio composition adds a diverse layer to Usman’s track by adding the flute played by Sajid Ali and tabla played by Babar Khanna.  The addition of eastern instrumentation delves into the beats exploring unusual micro fractions and superimposing polyrhythms. Bone Shaker is a refreshing track with eastern classical influences that add complexity and a surprise element to the composition.
Episode Four of Coke Studio’s Seventh chapter in its journey will be aired on all major television channels, radio stations and available online across Pakistan. The airing schedule for the second episode can be viewed at: http://cokestudio.com.pk/season7/schedule. In the meantime, keep yourself logged on to www.cokestudio.com.pk for the latest updates on Coke Studio (#CokeStudio7).


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