December 21, 2014

“Anomalous” by SANAT

"Anomalous” is the outcome of the 2nd Artist-in-Residence Programme of Sanat Initiative curated by critically acclaimed visual artist Muhammad Zeeshan. The exhibition of works produced by the 7 resident artists namely Wajahit Ali, Saud Baloch, Hussain Jamil, Zahid Mayo, Naira Mushtaq, Mamoona Riaz and Naveed Siddiqui during the month long residency.
After the huge success of the first residency, Sanat Initiative proceeds with a model that focuses on the work-based and relationship building element of the residency. Most of the artists had limited interaction with the space of Karachi and the focus on the physical space of the city remains strong. It is important to note that there is also a nod to the outsize influence of the National College of Arts in that while the artists hail from all the four provinces of Pakistan, six out of seven artists have been educated at the NCA and one from North City School of Arts, Karachi. The focus on medium and content remains dives forward the artists continue to be rooted strongly in experiences and national imaginaries.
Each of the artists in Sanat Initiative’s second artists’ residency seems to respond exactly to  the call for a new understanding of visual language, history, memory, culture and politics through an act of undoing the old in order to uncover the new. This is the thread that binds each of them together, although the modes through which they enact it are varied: striving to see with new eyes, that which is familiar. The artists are engaged, active and curious. They are breaking the boundaries of their own training, and practice. As emerging artists they are free in many ways from the parameters and constrictions of expectations.

Sanat Residency comes at a time when the need for the gallerist to assist the artist beyond the scope of marketing their work has become more essential than ever before. As markets open up and Pakistani art becomes coveted it is essential that the discourse expands, and that experienced artists and critics give of their experience and knowledge unflinchingly and unhesitatingly. The educator’s role never ends and artists with their own stories to share must come forward.

Tucked between an array of art galleries, cafes and restaurants, Fika is the place for you. Hailing from the Swedish language Fika translates as "Taking a break for coffee and a bite to eat". In the ever changing and morphing city of Karachi, the Cafe offers a comfortable environment for people from all walks of life with its minimalist and contemporary decor; it is your window to catching a breather in the otherwise busy lifestyle.

Fika also has a terrace cafe situated on the rooftop which will open by January 2015, contrasting the minimalist cafe on the ground floor.

THOR - The House of Rana, makes Men's life easy, by making different yet elegant, black & white formal and casual shirts. The dots, lines, buttons, stitching etc were made keeping today's metrosexual men in mind. The collection, they showed today, is very friendly, fit for all seasons, events, occasions. They make customize shirts & are reachable on appointment only.

Men’s Styling by Asma Zuberi @ Depilex, Khadda market.

Hair and makeup @ Angie’s Salon & Institute.

Paarcha- the second skin is a multi dimensional clothing brand by Saad and Abel which caters to the needs of people globally. Working on a diverse range of clothing line which focuses on eastern formal and casual, western formal and pret wear the brand fulfills the clothing needs of both men's and women's wear. Keeping the ideology of “the second skin" where clothing is all about comfort like your own skin and also looking good, the brand aims and focuses to provide the best to its clientele.

Choreography, Coordination and PR done by Dr. Rana Asif and the team @ THOR.

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