December 28, 2014

The Little Art has organized a Children’s Media Conference in Lahore

[Lahore: 18th December 2014] The Little Art, a non-profit organization for non-formal education in Pakistan in partnership with the DeutcheWelle Akademie has organized a Children’s Media Conference in Lahore from 15th – 20th December at the Faletti’s Hotel. The conference aims to promote research on the need of children’s programming in Pakistan and to create a network of media professionals who wish to produce meaningful content for children.

The conference has been divided into 3 sessions of 2 days each. It has been held to facilitate launch a forum to discuss the issues faced in the current media landscape; to develop strategies for implementation of children’s programs in Pakistani media; and the realization of a networking platform for media executives to establish a Children’s Media Network in the country.

The first three days of the conference saw the participation of many senior journalists, reporters, documentary and film makers, writers and educationists. Mr. Asghar Nadeem Syed, prominent TV content writer had addressed the conference participants and provided a clear picture of the history of television programming and the importance of children as a major audience.

Talking about the importance of media’s impact on children, Mr. Asghar Nadeem Syed said, “We have forgotten the importance of intellectual growth as a society, the need and want for learning and growth has diminished and I believe the media has a major responsibility in reviving the culture of knowledge rather than information. Media can especially inculcate creativity and culture amongst children who are the future of our society”.

“Great ideas and literature is being wasted that was once used in old times and had a great impact on children”, said Mr. Tanveer Shehzad, senior freelance journalist while participating in the 3rd session of the Children’s Media Conference.
Participants of the conference during their sessions have been working on strategies and ideas on how to develop and expand the network.
For more information and details, please contact:
Shoaib Iqbal
Director of ‘The Little Art’

About The Little Art:

The Little Art [TLA] is a non-profit organization, devoted to promoting arts education in Pakistan.  Indeed the TLA team is driven by the belief that the arts have the potential to provide larger intermediary learning spaces and opportunities to bridge the gap between imparting new ideas and formal education with its ability to captivate children through numerous avenues to think, create, inspire and act positively.

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