November 7, 2019

Campaign launched to spread awareness of burns caused through negligence: “Chai ka Nishaan”

Shockingly, 80% of all burns on children are caused by something very everyday: the spillage of hot tea. Most of the affected children are below the age of 10, for whom a split second of negligence results in lifelong impact, or worse: in a single hospital, on average 3 to 4 children die due to unbearable consequences of tea spillage.
In Pakistan, every third household has a burn victim. The fragile skin of a child and the sensitivity of the matter may result in permanent disability, and incidents are not only painful for the victim, but equally disturbing for parents & loved ones.
However, 100% of these incidents can be avoided through some minimal lifestyle changes, awareness, and simple precautions. Hashmat Effendi Burn & Plastic Surgery Department Shalamar Hospital is determined in curing and protecting future generations.
Ms. Hashmat Effendi, (Founder of H.E Burn & Plastic surgery department) while addressing on Chai Ka Nishaan Campaign stated, “Our journey to protect our Nation’s children has started. This campaign is not against tea – it is an awareness campaign to teach our society to protect children by keeping hot cups of tea away from them.  Kyon ke yeh Chai Ka Nishaan kabhi nai jata. This is a moment where everyone gets together to spread the awareness! You never know you protect some child’s life by just letting the parents know what they do not know!”
This is a time where everyone needs to come together & play their role, as after all, prevention is better than cure and our ultimate goal is to eliminate such cases.

To watch the campaign video, please click on the following Facebook link:
About Shalamar Hospital:
Shalamar Hospital is committed in the delivery of its tripartite mission of exemplary patient care, high-impact research and education. Over the last 44 years, Shalamar Hospital has evolved into a premier tertiary care medical facility with 500 beds and 25 clinical departments and specialties equipped with world-class diagnostic and treatment facilities.


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