November 15, 2019

Meri Pharmacy: A one of its kind pharmacy and health care centre now operational in Karachi

Meri Pharmacy has opened its flagship pharmacy and health centre in PECHS, Karachi. The centre was toured by the distinguished Chief Guest Mr. Abdul Latif Sheikh, President and CEO, Pakistan Society of Health System Pharmacists and Guest of Honor Syed Adnan Rizvi, Director, Drug Testing Laboratory of Pakistan. During the tour, guests were briefed about the variety of medicines available as well as the health care services being offered. The event was attended by the pharmacists, health care providers and Meri Pharmacy team.

Meri Pharmacy is a new concept in community pharmacy and health care services. Operating 24/7, the centre will stock medicines from all the major pharmaceuticals in the country and offer up to 15% discount on the retail price. The centre will also offer express delivery of medicines catering to emergency cases. Meri Pharmacy brings a highly convenient medicine delivery platform whereby medicine purchase orders can be placed through the website, phone call, WhatsApp and Facebook with nationwide delivery service.

“I feel honored to be a part of this initiative. Meri Pharmacy is certainly going to be a game changer in the health sector of Pakistan. They are redefining the provision of complete health care setup under one roof that is in line with the international quality and health safety standards,” said Mr. Abdul Latif Sheikh, President and CEO, Pakistan Society of Health System Pharmacists.

“The need for holistic health services is on the rise in Pakistan. The changing fast-paced lifestyle leaves people with little time to take care of their health. That’s why they are looking for easy access to medicines and health related advice. Meri Pharmacy has been introduced based on this concept, making it convenient for everyone to get affordable medicines and drug poison information. They can either visit the centre or get in touch remotely through website, social media or phone call”, said Shahrukh Butt, Head of Operations, Meri Pharmacy.

Additionally, Meri Pharmacy will have trained pharmacists with expertise in health counselling and providing drug poison information. They are ensuring the availability of authentic medicines
at these centres. Currently, Meri Pharmacy centres are operational in PECHS and Malir. The flagship centre in PECHS will also continue to offer free health check-ups for community welfare.

The Rebirth Of Farhad Humayun with the release of his new single ‘Main Hoon’

Farhad Humayun returns to the Pakistani music scene after a hiatus of one year with ‘Main Hoon’ a song that celebrates life and the importance of being who you are rather than what others would like you to be.
The singer, songwriter and producer’s latest single is an amalgamation of Qawali and dance, the song seamlessly blends the two genres to create a fierce sound which moves the very depth the soul.
“Main Hoon” is a collaboration between Farhad Humayun and the Egyptian born, percussionist Hossam Ramzy, one of the biggest names in the percussion world.  He had played extensively with Peter Gabriel, Beyonce, Ricky Martin, Jay Z, Led Zeppelin, Shakira, Joe Bonamassa, A.R Rehman & Martin Scorsese soundtracks.
   Ramzy who passed away in Brazil earlier this year was a close friend of Farhad Humayun. ‘Main Hoon’ was his last recorded work and is being released posthumously as a tribute by Farhad Humayun.

“Main Hoon” celebrates the uniqueness of every individual, their eccentricities, their thoughts, and their ideas. The lyrics promote individuality which follows its own path not the one set by others. The song reflects on the pressures of the land and the refusal to understand the journey our inner self hopes to undertake.
The poignant lyrics stir emotions within, which have been sent to sleep by the world around us. While the rhythm of the song awakens the soul questioning our choices, the outcomes and chances missed.
The philosophy is reflective in the chorus of the song which translates to; "I am what I am, That's who I am, Not what you paint me to be, That's not my flag, Look - My world is on display"

On the release of the song and his own journey through the ups and downs of life, Farhad Humayun said, “This song is very close to my heart as it is autobiographical like my other music, art and videos. I believe our lives are cluttered with noise we let in - noise caused by the outside world. It is, like me, unabashed and unapologetic and marks my rise from darkness and ashes, back into the light, in front of the drums, the microphone and the camera. I’m happy to be here and faith and the powers that BE have enabled me. Really, it is a song about faith - Faith in myself” 
The song and video is produced by Farhad Humayun which also features the British guitarist Aziz Ibrahim with lyrics by the singer & Sarmad Ghafoor. The video is a performance based visual montage of the artists playing, collaborating and recording in studios in Camden Town, London and Riot Studios in Lahore. A pictorial representation

November 13, 2019

The Talented Junaid Khan is Back with Another Mega Project; “Kashf”

Junaid Khan has been starring in back to back hit dramas, garnering critical appreciation and acclaim for his brilliant performances. The talented star is once again all set to appear in Momina Duraid’s latest venture “Kashf”, alongside Hira Mani.
Directed by the ace director Danish Nawaz, whose recent project Khaas on Hum TV went on to become one of the greatest hits of the year, “Kashf” is slated for release on Hum Tv in the last week of November. Following Sun Yara’s success, “Kashf” marks as the second project for Junaid Khan, Hira Mani, and Danish Nawaz.
Talking about his new project, Junaid Khan said, "It was a thrill to work with Danish Nawaz and Hira Mani in Sun Yara, and I am so glad to have come together for another project. I can't wait for everyone to watch Kashf, because it is going to be an exciting one!"
With multiple hit projects to his name including, “KamZarf”, “Hania”, “Ishq Tamasha”, and “Silsilay”, Junaid Khan has managed to prove his versatility and acting prowess time and time again. He is also going to make his debut on the big screen next year with Kamran Bari's "Kahay Dil Jidhar".

Coke Studio all set to release Episode Four of Season 12 on 15th November 2019

Coke Studio will be releasing the fourth episode of Season 12 on 15th November 2019, featuring Gulon Main Rang by Ali Sethi with Shahzad Ali and Fazal Abbas, Dhola by Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig, and Hairaan Hua by Sanam Marvi.

Gulon Main Rang:
Written by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and first sung in the voice of Mehdi Hassan Khan, Gulon Main Rang is a ghazal that shows the magic that is created when poetry joins music. Written in 1954 during his imprisonment in Montgomery Prison, Gulon Main Rang showcases Faiz’s ability to interweave classical idioms of romance and Divine Love with those of revolution and social justice. The poetry implores one’s beloved to return so that colors would return to flowers and springtime would descend on the world. The writer is sad and lovelorn one moment, yearning to hear of their beloved, and optimistic the next, celebrating their own sacrifices in the name of love.

Composed for Mehdi Hassan Khan in Raag Jhinjhoti, the ghazal was first aired on Radio Pakistan and then used in the soundtrack for the film Farangee in 1964. Gulon Main Rang remained an oft-requested part of Khan Sahab’s repertoire till the end of his career and is now being revived on Coke Studio in Ali Sethi’s voice. Coke Studio’s rendition of Gulon Mein Rang stays true to the traditional essence of the ghazal, featuring the harmonium and tabla, while refreshing it with contemporary instruments and accents. For Ali, doing a rendition of this ghazal is a chance for him to evolve as an artist by attempting to learn from the masters of bygone eras. As a student, he hopes that just in the process of attempting this ghazal, in the effort of doing it justice, he will learn and grow as an artist.

“When you express your feelings through your voice and poetry, you are inviting people to recognize their own emotions. Music is a miracle. If you move someone’s heart with music, all differences between you and them are wiped away for a bit.” said Ali Sethi.

A song celebrating the happiness and vulnerability of love, Dhola features Sahir Ali Bagga and Aima Baig, as they embody the conversation between two lovestruck companions. Composed by Bagga in Seraiki, the song was a challenge for both artists. For Bagga, this a true performance piece and, in the process of embodying a new character to bring life to the song, the artist adjusted his vocal range to sing at a higher octave. Aima too exhibits the full range of her vocals, challenging herself by singing in a language that she is not well versed in. In Dhola, as the two characters converse, one is reminded that love is about vulnerability, without which one could not experience the delight that comes with being truly open with someone else. A festive number, Dhola is ultimately a celebration of love, as it meanders between playful and vulnerable.

“I always want to make music that relates to my land, my culture and my home. Our raags, our beats, our lyrics – these are our own colors. I want to give my fans the kind of music that shows these colors.” said Sahir Ali Bagga.

“Music doesn’t have a language, it’s about the feeling. You have to put a lot of soul into whatever you are making. Music doesn’t work if you’re only doing it for money or professionally. It works only if it’s from the soul. There’s no price to it.” said Aima Baig.

Hairaan Hua:
This season on Coke Studio, Sanam Marvi gives voice to the poetry of Sachal Sarmast in Hairaan Hua. Woven with symbols of ­ishq-e-majazi (worldy love), the verses of Hairaan Hua sing of a beloved whose beauty is wonderous and has enamored the heart of the speaker. As is always the case with Sufi poetry, Sachal Sarmast invites listeners to delve into the meanings layered within this symbolism, to seek that which is not immediately obvious — the ishq he speaks of in these verses transcends the material, it is nothing less than ishq-e-haqiqi, Love of the Divine. The Beloved in Sarmast’s Hairaan Hua is the Divine who left him wonderstruck, capturing his heart completely and filling him with ecstasy. In Coke Studio’s rendition, Sanam weaves Sachal Sarmast’s words with poetry borrowed from other sources ­­— she recalls the Beauty that Moses beheld on Koh-e-Toor when offered a glimpse of his Master, sings of the ecstasy felt by devotees at the prospect of meeting the Divine on the Day of Resurrection, and pays homage to the Persian saint Mansur Hallaj. Bringing together these verses in the rich resonance of Sanam’s resounding vocals, Hairaan Hua sheds a light on the ecstatic devotion of Sufi mystics, and the intensity of the love these mystics felt for the Divine.

“It is our responsibility to make music so that the message we are trying to spread through our voice and words reaches people.” said Sanam Marvi.

To find out more, keep yourself logged on to or and look for the hashtag #CokeStudio12 to follow the Coke Studio journey.



Crooning his way back to Coke Studio’s stage for his fifth performance on the platform, Ali Sethi returns this year with his unique flavor of classical tones and melodies, a mix between the nostalgic and contemporary. Ali made his debut in 2013, by lending his vocal chops to the original soundtrack of Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Following this, he went on to feature as a singer in a Pakistani production for the first time, with Sarmad Khoosat’s Manto. Trained in Eastern Classical music under the tutelage of Ustaad Naseeruddin Saami, Ali is credited for being a bridge to classical music for today’s youth, making the genre relevant to younger audiences. His songs blend classical poetry with original lyrics and are contextually laden with layers of meaning. Ali has had several notable performances this year with The New York Times describing his performance at Carnegie Hall as having “both rawness and plaintive delicacy.” Ali is currently working on his debut album, a record that fuses the fundamentals of his musical learning with more contemporary sounds.


Sahir Ali Bagga, the versatile powerhouse, returns to Coke Studio this year with original music inspired by the colorful textures of his diverse experiences in the musical industry. A musician whose career began at the age of eight, Bagga recorded for the first time as a drummer on Madam Noor Jehan’s rendition of Mera Piya Ghar Aya for the film Bilawal. Trained by the ustads of the Tafu family in Lahore, Bagga went on to play for the likes of Mehdi Hassan Khan, Lata Mangeshkar, and Ghulam Ali as a teenager. By the time he hit his twenties, Bagga’s repertoire had expanded and included musicians like The Jupiters, Jawad Ahmed and Ali Azmat. An artist on a path to absorb and create, Bagga went on to become a composer. Having produced over 5000 songs to date, he has proven himself to be a dynamo producer, with songs featuring in numerous films and television productions. In the process, Bagga has also worked on his singing capabilities, adding to his versatility as a musician, eventually leading him to the mainstage of Coke Studio as a vocalist.


Aima began to discover her voice as a young girl, in the privacy of her bedroom, singing along to karaoke versions of her favourite pop songs. While Aima’s secret remained undiscovered in the mainstream media for much of her life, she is now considered to be one of Pakistan’s leading female vocalists. She won a Lux Style Award in the category of Best Female Singer in Film for Kalabaaz Dil, a song she sang for Lahore Se Aagey in 2017. The following year, she won yet again in the same category. In 2019, Aima was awarded the highly coveted Tamgha-e-Fakhr-e-Imtiaz for her contribution to the arts. Aima is regarded as a versatile singer with a mastery in many genres including romantic, sad and upbeat songs and while her vocals possess a western texture, she has demonstrated her vocal range by singing in Seraiki, Punjabi and Urdu effortlessly. To date, Aima has worked on numerous films and dramas as a playback singer including Jawani Phir Nahin Aani 2, Na Maloom Afraad and, more recently, Parey Hut Love. As an artist, she has performed alongside top names in Pakistan’s music industry including Shuja Haider during the PSL Final Opening Ceremony.


The Sufi songstress Sanam Marvi returns to Coke Studio this season with her mesmerizing earthy vocals, bringing music that has come down to her through her heritage of Sufi music. Sanam began her training at the age of seven, performing with her father at Sufi shrines in Sindh and Punjab. Born with a natural gift, Sanam was encouraged by her father to strive towards a career in music and it was just a matter of time before Sanam found a way to make her dream materialize. She debuted on ‘Virsa Heritage’, a program on PTV, and has since gone on to become one of the most well regarded Sufi singers of the region. Passionate in her mission to perfect her craft, Sanam has trained under Ustad Fateh Ali Khan of the Gwalior Gharana, and has come to be known for her ability to embody a grounded soulfulness in her performances. With Sufi poetry being her primary focus, Sanam finds her essence in performing compositions in Urdu, Sindhi and Seraiki - the lyrics of Sufi poets possess a timeless universality for her and provide her with comfort.

Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation pioneers Pakistan’s first Dog Leashes made out of Ghost Net!

Popularly known as ACF Animal Rescue in Pakistan, the Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation is a non-profit organization which started the first-ever animal shelter and sanctuary for street and homeless dogs and cats in Pakistan alongside working donkeys and mules. ACF started a movement for change 6 years ago when there was zero animal welfare in the country.

In 2018, ACF won the WWF Green Innovation Challenge for creating Pakistan’s first handmade dog leashes out of 100% ghost net, ACF partnered with WWF in introducing this innovative project where the foundation funded the project with seed money to engage fishermen to extract wasted ghost net from the oceans that are then crafted into beautiful leashes by engaging the local community women.

Talking about the pioneering dog leashes, ACF founder Ayesha Chundrigar said “We have created a product close to our heart. This is also an effort to play our part in improving the environment. Through this project, we are not only helping saving marine animals but also giving pet owners a chance to be eco-friendlier as the dog leash are made out of 100% ghost net.”

Ghost nets are plastic nets that inundates our seas across the world; turtles, fish and other marine animals get trapped in it as it’s ghost-like and is not easily visible under water. It's a significant part of plastic contamination that is killing our marine animals in enormous numbers.

The ghost net used for the dog leases is handmade by women who have been employed in the impoverished fishing villages that have been trained in braiding the leash by team ACF, helping them become independent and self-sufficient.   

One leash is made of 0.5kg to 0.75kg of ghost net which is extremely sturdy and strong for dogs of any size or strength. These fishermen are paid Rupees 8000 per dive (2 fishermen=1 dive) to extricate the ghost net. Approximately 2 tons of ghost net can be retrieved in the duration of 1 dive. The fishermen then clean the net and the women have learned to bunch it up together and braid it in order to make the ghost net ropes. One leash takes between 1 to 2 hours to make. The women then line the ropes with scraps of thick cloth such as denim provided by Artistic Fabric and Garment Industries (PVT) Limited before the final adorning of yarn work to make the colorful leashes you see today! The raw material costs Rs.0 other than that the yarn that costs Rupees 200 per yarn roll.

Indeed, registered in Pakistan with the vision of assisting and empowering marginalized and neglected communities within Pakistani society, particularly street and working animals who are on the lowest rung of the ladder of suffering. ACF started the first rescue service and hotline number for people to report cases of abuse, neglect, cruelty, and abandonment.

For more information, visit:

November 12, 2019

Aida Khan wins the “Food Entrepreneur of the Year” award at London Asian Business Awards 2019!

In a proud moment for Pakistan, Aida Khan, the co-founder, creative director and chef behind Islamabad and London’s traditional cuisine destination, SHOLA Karachi Kitchen has won the Food Entrepreneur of the Year award at the 3rd London Asian Business Awards. The award is another addition to the growing list of Pakistani women who are excelling in diverse fields at all fronts.

The Asian Business Awards have a long-standing history in the UK, bringing together the top Asian entrepreneurs from around the UK - to be recognized, rewarded and remembered for their creativity, resolve and spirit, and their dedication to hard work. Without a doubt UK has a thriving Asian community which plays a significant role in its economy, culture, and the society at large.

An entrepreneur at heart, Aida Khan comes from a family with a deep passion for food. From an early age, she learnt how to cook traditional family style food from her mother, whilst her father taught her to love food through his passion to eat. A former banker, Aida Khan's passion for cooking led her to study at Leith’s School of Food and Wine and pursue her passion for cooking. She made her mark in the food community of London through her Karachi offerings in Supper Clubs, and in March 2019, Khan opened SHOLA Karachi Kitchen in West London. Aida Khan also aims to expand the flavors of Karachi to other parts of Pakistan and already runs an outlet in the capital city of Islamabad. Khan takes pride in serving clean and healthy Pakistani cuisines – appealing to vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike.

“I am so pleased to see Pakistani food get the true attention it deserves. Ours is a culture with such a rich history and wonderful traditions. At Shola, we are proud to be sharing flavors from all over Pakistan, with the rest of the world” said Aida Khan.

This November 2019, Aida Khan will be bringing SHOLA Karachi Kitchen’s artisanal traditional soul food to Islamabad Eat on 15, 16 and 17 November 2019.

SHOLA Karachi Kitchen is located at Shop 9-12, Trade Centre, F-7, Jinnah Super in Islamabad for takeaway and delivery. In London, the restaurant is located at Unit 6, West Works, White City Place, Wood Lane.

For more information visit:

November 10, 2019

Elysee Productions Launches the Title Song of its Maiden Movie ‘SACCH’

Elysee Productions launched the title song of its maiden cinematic venture ‘Sacch’, featuring the vocals of the legendary Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The title song gives glimpses of the film’s lead characters who seem to be in great pain and despair. The heart-wrenching melody is penned by Fatima Najeeb and the director of the film’s music is Simaab Sen.
The lyrical content of the song is heart-rending enough on its own, but it is the maestro’s vocals that pulls the listeners’ heartstrings. The song articulates the internal struggle, conflict and pain of the film’s main characters and their expressions make the viewers’ feel the pain as well. Music of this emotional track is exceptional and raise the audience’s anticipation for the film’s upcoming songs.
Produced under the banner of Elysee Productions, Sacch is scripted by award-winning Bollywood screenwriter Kumud Chaudhry and directed by Zulfikar Sheikh. Dialogues of the film are by the celebrated Pakistani playwright Haseena Moin. The film marks acting debut of Elysee Sheikh opposite Asad Zaman Khan and Humayoun Ashraf. The supporting line-up includes veterans Javed Sheikh, Nauman Masood, Uzma Gillani, Fazila Qazi and others along with Zulfikar Sheikh and Tasmina Sheikh. The movie is all set to be released worldwide under the banner of HUM Films on December 20, 2019.


November 8, 2019

Coke Studio releases Episode Three of Season 12

Coke Studio released the third episode of Season 12, featuring Chal Raha Hoon by Umair Jaswal, Mubarik Mubarik by Banur’s Band and Atif Aslam, and Aadam by Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad with Humnawa, on 8th November 2019.

Revisiting the heartache of a loss experienced years ago, Umair Jaswal brings Chal Raha Hoon to Coke Studio Season 12. Written during Umair’s university years, Chal Raha Hoon is a song that flows between grief and hope, speaking of the darkness that follows the end of a relationship. Umair counts the distances that have come between him and the person he loves, sings of the sunlight burning his wounds, declaring that the days have turned to ash. These words are interwoven with resilience: “chal raha hoon” (I am walking onwards), Umair keeps reminding himself. Hidden in Chal Raha Hoon are the lessons that Umair learnt from the experience that inspired it - that life does move on, the sun keeps shining, and one’s pain becomes a source of growth and artistic inspiration. Reaching his audiences eight years after it was first written, Chal Raha Hoon signifies a new direction for Umair, of sharing music with the world that is more personal and comes from a place of vulnerability and honesty. On Coke Studio, Chal Raha Hoon find its voice as a rock ballad, with a musical arrangement designed to complement the shifting mood of its words.

Chal Raha Hoon can be viewed at:

Celebrating the rich relationship between music and wedding festivities in our part of the world, Mubarik Mubarik comes to us in the unique hues of the Baloch culture. The lyrics are simple and heartfelt and a mix of two aspects of Balochi poetry and music: haalo and naazek. A song of celebration, the naazek aspect of Mubarik Mubarik praises and celebrates the bride and bridegroom on their wedding day. The song also lives within the haalo genre of Balochi poetry, wherein the word haalo is repeated several times and means ‘come’, inviting listeners to join the festivities. Musically, the song also includes a zahirok, which is the Balochi counterpart of Eastern Classical raags and forms the basis of Balochi music. In Mubarik Mubarik, the sarbaney zahirok has been used, which has been named after the cameleers who used to sing this, as they travelled through hills and mountains, vocalizing notes to match the gait of their camels’ footsteps. The song is a collaboration between Banur’s Band and Atif Aslam, who joins in on the celebration, adding Punjabi lyrics to the song. Singing in the Balochi Kechi dialect, SM Baloch brings his earthy tone and open free-flowing vocals to the track. A result of extensive research and careful thought on the traditions of Balochi music by the minds behind Banur’s Band, the song is an attempt to create something that showcases Baloch culture, while adding contemporary colors to the mix.

Mubarik Mubarik can be viewed at:

Presenting the story of mankind’s innate connection to music are Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad with Aadam, a composition by Hazrat Amir Khusrow that has been handed down to them through Sufi tradition. The piece, as presented by the duo, brings together three couplets and two taranas expressing the legacy of music in the Sufi tradition as well as the collective human inheritance. The first couplet narrates the incident of Hazrat Aadam’s creation, as told by Khusrow, presenting music as humankind’s Divine inheritance and an integral part of our story in the Divine Order. It is joined by two other couplets, celebrating the Sufi Chishti Order’s religious practice of using music as a vessel to gain connection with the Divine, and recalling the famed musical gatherings of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. A piece that follows its own ebb and flow, Aadam is presented by Coke Studio with Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad at the helm, leading the rise and fall of this composition as it climbs towards its crescendo.

Aadam can be viewed at:

To find out more, keep yourself logged on to or and look for the hashtag #CokeStudio12 to follow the Coke Studio journey.



The qawwali ensemble of Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad, returns this season with their signature genre that speaks of a domain beyond the material. Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad are descendants of the Qawwal-Bachcha gharana of Delhi, tracing their lineage back to Mian Samad bin Ibrahim who was a disciple of Hazrat Amir Khushrow. The ensemble represents a scholarly tradition of nearly 700 years and consider it their sacred duty to preserve the principles and traditions of the qawwali. In this mission, they have performed and spread the message of the qawwali in seventy countries, and have been credited with bringing this classical tradition to the youth and revitalizing it in the country on a mainstream level. Wherever they perform, they offer the knowledge that has been passed down to them, a knowledge that speaks of ‘Divine and the Ultimate Truth’. 


The rock star with the unmistakable growl, Umair Jaswal returns to Coke Studio with a ballad that is deeply personal to him – signifying a new phase of his career where he shares more personal music with the world. Hailing from Islamabad, Umair Jaswal is someone whose name is one of the first to come to mind when one thinks of rock music in Pakistan. Former front man of the rock ensemble Qayaas, Umair is an artist who likes to play with the boundaries of what it is to be a rock musician in Pakistan and, in this process, has created a niche of his own. Vocally, the singer’s range is layered - Jaswal’s ability to belt out powerhouse vocals in true rock form is easily transformed into deep, husky textures for softer ballads. Umair has won multiple accolades and has featured on soundtracks for both film and television. A multi-talented performer, Umair has also worked as an actor in Mor Mahal and Yalghaar. After a short hiatus, Umair is set to return with his debut album, offering an intimate look into the singer’s life and featuring music and tonalities that showcase a softer side of him.


This season, Coke Studio welcomes Banur’s Band to the stage, bringing with them three stories of dedication to music. The band is the brainchild of Usman Liaqat, who began his pursuit of the craft in his teenage years. This pursuit was one that led to days and nights dedicated to the study of music. Today, Usman runs a studio in Quetta and travels as a session musician all over Pakistan.

Surrounded by music growing up, Chakar Baloch developed an innate relationship with melody. As a young child, he developed the desire to play the benjo -- a wish that became a reality two decades later. In spite of societal pressure to pursue a more conservative path, Chakar was determined and picked up on musical techniques by observing and listening. Eventually trained by his uncle, Chakar uses his academic background to study Balochi musical tradition, infusing his knowledge into the music he creates. Chakar and Usman came together during a song recording and have since then, worked together, driven by their mutual desire to learn and experiment with Balochi music.

The third component to the magic is SM Baloch, an uncle of Chakar’s. Though he did grow up singing, out of obedience towards his family’s values, he never pursued it seriously. However, over time, Baloch met with musicians who encouraged him to pursue his gift. On a chance visit to see Chakar in Quetta, Baloch met Usman, who was instantly in awe of his singing prowess -- and so, Banur’s Band was born. Today, Coke Studio becomes a part of the journey that these three musicians share.


This season, Atif Aslam brings an experimentation of ambient and introspective discovery to the canvas of Coke Studio; once again exploring the melodies hidden in his voice and showcasing his versatility with genres that are new to his repertoire. For Atif, it all began with a song which pulled him under the spotlight– Aadat. The song created the trajectory that would soon become his career. Atif’s musical journey began when he first started to experiment with his voice while he was alone in his family home in Lahore. This led to a pursuit of his craft that presented itself in college activities. Since then, Atif’s name has been considered as the embodiment of a unique brand of vocal prowess. With international tours constantly lined up, 3 albums to his name, multiple Bollywood singles, several international collaborations and a fan reach that spans across the globe, Atif has solidified his place as one of the predominant voices in the subcontinent today.

November 7, 2019

Campaign launched to spread awareness of burns caused through negligence: “Chai ka Nishaan”

Shockingly, 80% of all burns on children are caused by something very everyday: the spillage of hot tea. Most of the affected children are below the age of 10, for whom a split second of negligence results in lifelong impact, or worse: in a single hospital, on average 3 to 4 children die due to unbearable consequences of tea spillage.
In Pakistan, every third household has a burn victim. The fragile skin of a child and the sensitivity of the matter may result in permanent disability, and incidents are not only painful for the victim, but equally disturbing for parents & loved ones.
However, 100% of these incidents can be avoided through some minimal lifestyle changes, awareness, and simple precautions. Hashmat Effendi Burn & Plastic Surgery Department Shalamar Hospital is determined in curing and protecting future generations.
Ms. Hashmat Effendi, (Founder of H.E Burn & Plastic surgery department) while addressing on Chai Ka Nishaan Campaign stated, “Our journey to protect our Nation’s children has started. This campaign is not against tea – it is an awareness campaign to teach our society to protect children by keeping hot cups of tea away from them.  Kyon ke yeh Chai Ka Nishaan kabhi nai jata. This is a moment where everyone gets together to spread the awareness! You never know you protect some child’s life by just letting the parents know what they do not know!”
This is a time where everyone needs to come together & play their role, as after all, prevention is better than cure and our ultimate goal is to eliminate such cases.

To watch the campaign video, please click on the following Facebook link:
About Shalamar Hospital:
Shalamar Hospital is committed in the delivery of its tripartite mission of exemplary patient care, high-impact research and education. Over the last 44 years, Shalamar Hospital has evolved into a premier tertiary care medical facility with 500 beds and 25 clinical departments and specialties equipped with world-class diagnostic and treatment facilities.

Mercantile Pacific appointed as Apple’s authorised distributor for Pakistan

Apple has appointed Mercantile Pacific, Singapore, one of the leading global mobile phone distribution companies, as a regional distributor for Pakistan and Afghanistan.
The company has a well-established and constantly growing network of partners, suppliers, and customers across the world and a powerful portfolio that includes popular models of all premium brands.
Mercantile Pacific is now expanding its network into Pakistan by signing up Airlink Communication as its distribution partner across the country. Mercantile Pacific Head of Global and Business Development Simon Mallitte expressed his delight by saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Airlink Communication, one of the leading Mobile Phone Distributors, in the country.”
Speaking on the occasion, Airlink Communication Ltd CEO Muzzaffar Hayat Piracha said, “Airlink Communication is committed to offering the best products to the consumers through this alliance. The market for premium products in Pakistan is growing and we should expect the best from the future.”

November 3, 2019


Netflix, the world's leading internet entertainment service, is all set to release Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM in 2020 which will be available in over 190 countries. Indeed, SITARA is the first Pakistani Animated Film to be released and distributed by NETFLIX USA

Written and directed by two-time Academy and three-time Emmy Award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM takes the audience on a journey through the old city of Lahore, where, Pari, a fourteen-year-old girl dreams of becoming a pilot and whose story is told through the perspective of her younger sister, Mehr. It is a story about the burdens of a family and the impact of a culture where girls are still struggling to fully realize their dreams. SITARA is a silent film [no dialogues] which embodies this struggle.

“Waadi Animations is proud to have created an animated short that is at par with the best of the world and we are delighted that SITARA will be available to a global audience on Netflix. We hope it will lead to thoughtful discussions as we also begin screening the film in schools and community centers around the world. We strongly believe that Investing in the dreams of young girls will lead to a more equitable world.” said Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy.

Chinoy had earlier launched a campaign with GUCCI’s social impact initiative Chime for Change to #LetGirlsDream by encourage girls around the world to share their dreams and gain inspiration from one another. A robust school outreach program is alsready underway across the world to encourage girls to hold meaningful conversations about their dreams and how to achieve them. The website for this campaign is

The music for SITARA has been composed by Grammy and Emmy Award-Winning composer Laura Karpman. Finances and produced by VICE Studios, the film’s Executive Producers include Gloria Steinem, the iconic women’s rights activist, and Darla Anderson, the Academy Award Winning producer of Coco and Toy Story 3, VICE Media Group CEO Nancy Dubuc, and Emmy-nominated Ariel Wengroff as well as Sharmeen’s animation production company Waadi Animation with Imke Fehrmann as the producer for SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM.

In Pakistan, the Waadi Animations Team is spearheaded by Art Director Salman Nasir, Animation Director Kamran Khan, CG Lighting Supervisor Adnan Saeed, Director of Photography Faizan Ali, Editor Husain Qaizer, Sound Effects Editor Sameer Khan, co-producer Eleyna Sara Haroun and Associate Producer Syed Ayub with Salman Iqbal, Jerjees Seja, Imke Fehrmann and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy as the producers.

Indeed, SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM will join a growing slate of Netflix animated titles for families, which includes feature films Klaus from Sergio Pablos [November 2019] as well as The Willoughbys from Kris Pearn and Over The Moon from Glen Keane in 2020.

The trailer for SITARA: LET GIRLS DREAM can be viewed at:
Behind The Scenes for SITARA can be viewed at:


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